I met Satan on a hill (from my book “HIS GRACE”)

Satan and I were walking along talking. I instantly recognized him. He had dark hair and rugged features. He was of normal weight and height. He took me by surprise. I couldn’t understand what he was doing out here in this field. But I thought I’d take this opportunity to learn what I could from him. I felt somewhat uncomfortable and we kept our distance. In previous times that I had met him he seemed angry and bitter at me but not this time, he seemed almost sad. He never really looked at me but I continually looked at him while I walked. Unfortunately I can’t remember a lot of what we talked about but what I do remember was important.
We climbed this large hill towards some kind of building. Just as we got to the top, I realized it was a friend’s house, they was having a prayer meeting. I was curious to see what would happen if I brought Satan inside to meet all the Christians. He knew what I was doing and went along with it. I was going to use this opportunity for my learning.
We went into the house and down into the basement where the meeting was being held. A large group of the people sat around the outside of the room. They began to stand up as we entered the room. I did not know what to introduce him as, so I called him my friend. I watched the body language of every single person as they came up and shook his hand and to see if they could recognize him. Not one of them did. They seemed gloriously happy to meet him as if he would were their best friend. I was kind of stunned by this and not one could see the darkness in him. I began to realize what I was being shown. Each one of these people had more of the attributes of Satan than they did of God. Each of these people was under a delusion because of their deep association with the world.
Satan knew what I was thinking at that moment, I could tell as he began to study me. I watched the people, I could see inside each one of them and see all of their sins. Each one of them screamed of selfishness and self-centeredness. They loved the things of the world and they hated their neighbors. They had never removed themselves from the world and never learned to walk in the kingdom.
In the kingdom of God, man runs to serve other men. In the kingdom of Satan man demands to be served by others. I was repulsed by their selfishness.
I was disheartened by what I saw. I had read the book of Revelation and in the end, I knew God will win, though He will only save a remnant.
Satan and I proceeded to leave the room, we went upstairs and outside. The people were leaving at the same time and I noticed them carrying their big Bibles under their arms. I felt stupid as I watched this knowing that Satan was winning and he knew it. He didn’t seem cocky about the whole thing though. As we walked a little further, I looked down and I noticed Satan had cloven hooves. In fact, from the waist down he appeared to be some kind of goat. I realized this transformation seemed to have happened while he was gathered with the Christians but I didn’t know why. As I looked at him I suddenly saw him from God’s point of view and I knew how much the Father loved him. Unknowingly, I had been taught to hate him. I saw him more like a prodigal son who was separated from his father. That Great Wall was up between him and God and reconciliation seemed possible. For some strange reason, I stopped and embraced him. I felt like it was embracing an icy snowman. He didn’t lift up his arms to embrace me back.
I asked him, “Do you ever think that you could be close to God again? Don’t you know how much He loves you”?
Satan responded with “it’s too much for you to understand”.
I turned and began to walk again. He was silent and had that sad look again. Everywhere we walked I stared at him but he just looked straight ahead. We stopped at one point and I said to him “God brought this divine appointment to me, to learn from you. I think He wants me to write a book about you. Do you think we can do this again?” Satan responded, “I think so”. With that he just casually walked away. I watched him from behind as he casually walked over the rough terrain with his cloven hooves holding him steady. I wondered if the cloven hoofs Satan had, transformed when he was in the presence of goat like Christians.
EJ Ouellette

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  1. time2repent says:

    Well your argument is certainly valid. I myself dont have any biblical precedent for this. When I had this revelation I never once thought it would be so controversial. Most of my revelations concerning Satan are about how and why he wants to kill me. Still I minister many times to people who have serious arguments of how even God couldn’t forgive them. This dream has provoked much thought even to myself, but still as I said before I only looked at it from Gods love point of view. Satan knows that I have no fear of him only God, so he cant intimidate me. (This is my fourth encounter) Most of the revelation in my books are about my trips to heaven and meeting with the Father and jesus and once even the Holy spirit. I think 13 times i’ve met with Jesus. I had a serious heart condition during this period and my heart stopped many times. We all know Satan would never repent but does that mean God wouldn’t forgive him if he asked?

  2. Roadrunner says:

    I don’t mean to be rude, I just test all information, so nothing personal. But where is the Biblical scripture supporting your argument that satan can be forgiven?

    However I do have Biblical evidence as proof that satan cannot be trusted. Jesus himself said
    ” He was a murderer from the beggining. He has always hated the truth, because there is not truth in him. When he lies it is consitent with his character; for he is a liar and the father of lies.” John 8:44.

    We also know what satans destiny is from the Bible and it isn’t repentance and forgiveness, its to be defeated and to be “thrown into the fiery lake of burning sulfur, joining the beast and the false prophet. There they will be tormented day and night forever and ever” Revelation 20:10

    I admire that your trying to encourage people to realise they have a second chance, which they do because of Jesus dying for their sins, but personally I wouldn’t buy a book which main source of information is from the devil. Satans destiny is written in stone, in Gods word and God never lies. However I might buy a book informing me on the good news of Jesus providing me with forgiveness through dying for my sins.

  3. Roadrunner says:

    Hey there, this sounds like a pretty bizzare experience, but you know the devil is probably trying to trick you. You shouldn’t feel sorry for satan, he used his own free will to choose his path to rebel against God and to be evil. Don’t trust the information satan gives you,he is a liar, its just what he does, he lies and disceives people so that they are fooled into living a path of destruction too.

    I have personal experience of demonic attacks in my past (before I accepted Jesus) and these demons are satans servents, and believe me, satan HATES humans, its a fact and I can’t help but feel that satan is tricking you, and in turn your book is also going to fool more people into feeling sorry for the devil and in turn probably open themselves up to communicating with demons and satan. you cannot learn from satan, he is the exact opposite from the truth and you should NOT trust him nor the information he gives you. You should not seek to communicate with the devil or any demons either, your going to open doorways that are difficult to close. So my advise is that you should be seeking Jesus and God’s truth, not lies from a demonic source, especially from satan himself.

    Next time satan tries to communicate with you and use you, you shouldn’t seek infromation from him, you should command him to leave you in Jesus Christs name.

    “Anyone who isn’t with me opposes me, and anyone who isn’t working with me is acutally working against me” Luke 11:23

    And so ask yourself, who are you working for?

    • time2repent says:

      I think you missed the point completely. The revelation was that God could forgive anyone even Satan if he was willing.

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