“I may die, but I will not deny my God.”

Greetings in the name of the Lord! Please remember the body of Christ who are suffering simply for believing in Jesus Christ. We find so many things to complain about in our lives, but lets take a moment each day to remember those who are truly persecuted for their faith, and pray for them that they would be bold in witness and strengthened in God's love, as well as that they would be provided for. The following is an article and the link it comes from…..


"I may die, but I will not deny my God."
These were the last words of a pastor who refused to abandon his post when Hindu radicals began their reign of terror against Christians in Orissa, India in August of 2008. While Christians fled for their lives, Pastor Akbar Digal exhorted his congregation, "They will surely attack the church, but don't abandon your faith in God."

Through tears, Pastor Digal embraced his wife and daughter for what would be the last time before sending them away to seek refuge in another village.

When the radicals finally arrived at his village, they found the pastor and dragged him to a community center where they beat him mercilessly. They paused before killing him and said, "If you deny Jesus, we will let you live."

Pastor Digal had known this moment would come, so he was ready and his reply was simple: "I may die, but I will not deny my God." The extremists poured gasoline on him and burned him alive.

Not only was Pastor Digal's family left destitute, but his wife told us that the radicals who killed her husband continue to threaten her and her daughter. Through tear-filled eyes, she echoed the words of her husband, "I am ready to be killed for my God."


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  1. alethesia dipsos says:

    I am convicted and humbled reading this post. Talk about getting some perspective! Too true, we have brothers and sisters that are being poured out like a drink offering – I can at least praise God in all my circumstances and ask for strength if and when my time comes to make such a sacrifice.
    God bless those who are persecuted for His name’s sake!

  2. dzstephens says:

    It puts me to shame. I pray that I and all of us have that unwavering and strong faith always and that it grows ever stronger here in the New Year 2011 and forever unto eternity. We are so very fortunate that we live in the United States where we are not persecuted for our faith in Almighty God. Do not take this for granted my dear brothers and sisters in Christ. When Almighty God tells you to do something, do it. When the Holy Spirit speaks to you, listen and learn. Do not hesitate.

  3. Joshuagm1991 says:

    Wow…I hate hearing about stuff like this, but it is a good reminder.
    What a good man.

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