I hurt and I love God.

i am a twenty year old young men. i just graduated this year in college. right now i am in the season of my life where all is gone…the trust of my own brother, the respect of my church mates, shame from my family,, nothing to hold but just the ultimate word and presence of God in my life.
i committed sexual immorality. i had sexual intercourse with so many women. just for the sake of satisfying my sexual urge to the point that i already took advantage of the care and love of my younger sisters in our church. That i turn their love and care for me as a way to take advantage in doing and illicit sexual thoughts in their young minds through text messages. at first i rationalize myself as a curious young men but as time passes by it turns that my flesh keeps on craving and craving for it. i did pray and cried out to God for forgiveness and deliverance about my struggle. so all the while i thought i am okay that i can i handle it and fight it.but find myself doing it again a lot more worse. i am so desperate now. the church send me off because the people i have hurt is still in trauma about about the things i have done to them. i feel like i am in exile trying to find myself. can i ask for any encouragement about my situation for this moment. thanks a lot.

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  1. Friend, the fact that you are feeling deeply sorry for your sins is a great indication that God has not given up on you. Yes, there are consequences in this life in any case, but Jesus died to pay for all these sins also. Therefore, God wants you to get free of them and testify of how Jesus can change your life.

    If we confess our sins, God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and CLEANSE us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9. That promise is for you. You can receive cleansing and forgiveness. You can also be delivered if you will go after the Holy Spirit's presence in you life more than anything. The devil cannot defeat God, so give God the biggest place in your life and things will change for the better. The Bible is full of promises for you. Take them and you will see what God will do.

  2. PraiseGod says:

    Hi Cephas,
    I read your message and understood how miserable you feel. You are in your youth and its a really common temptation. I know how you feel, the misery and the restlessness caused by temptations and no matter what you try to do, you can’t stop. Well dont fall into the devil’s tricks. I am no one to say this and am still finding my faith in Christ, but I want to encourage you. Start by reading the Bible, read chapters like Proverbs, Psalms , and many other chapters like Matthew, Luke especially chapters from Acts. God says if you ask anything in y name and if it is his will, He will give it to you. Ask God to deliver you from this nightmare. Ask God for forgiveness. Jesus, was tempted by the devil too. But he never gave in.

    Hebrew 2: 18 says ” And now He can help those who are tempted because he himself was tempted and suffered”

    Don’t look for trust in humans, they all are imperfect and they have their limits.
    But God loves you no matter what, God hates sins, but he loves us sinners. Read your Bible daily, ask for repentence, ask for forgiveness, you should desperately tell God to forgive you and he will forgive you. Go ask for forgiveness to those who got hurt, but then again if they are hard to approach and are not Godly, you dont have to, but you have to still be sorry to them, and do what you can to care for them.

    If you found me boring, but your struggling again, I’ll give you a website, where you can here many testimonies of people


    if you go there you will find a lot of names, click on them and you can see their testimonies of how their lives changed with Christ. I guarantee you, pray to Jesus every day, it may take time, but stick with CHRIST and you’ll become the amazing person that God has destined you to be.

  3. What you are experiancing I have lived through for over 25 years.See my family members are all very successful and all of them are heavy in to believing there is no God at all.I am the baby of the family but I havent ever had wealth like my siblings and I am a christian so they all look down on me.Before I got saved I was a psychic dabbling heavy into the occult and black magic.So most of my life the church has rejected me so I have had no one to turn to and its been very lonely and painful.After moving and living in several states my wife and I moved to Oklahoma and we have a good church that loves us after searching for a church for over 10 years we have been at our church for almost 3 years but we went 12 years looking and searching for love and acceptance.My siblings still look down at me but at least now we belong to a church that does love us.In the 25 years I have been saved it has been very painful and a whole lot of judgemental people looking at me and than having my own siblings and parents look at me like I am trash hurts a great deaLBut let me tell you this,God will never forsake you or abandon you.I have coverd my bible with tears and I have pleaded with God to take my life.Today I am buidling an international minestry and I have written 2 books and many lives have been restored through my books but this does not take away the pain I feel.I will tell you this,some times the greatest weapon against a christian that Satan uses is his own parents and siblings.I have made more mistakes than you can imagine and I have commited very evil acts but God found a purpose for my life and he turned my evil that I did for his glory.If you want to go to my web sight and get my e mail address and I will encourage you all the way through this pain.Tim

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