I have a few Pray requests

So the Vice President of our Church and one of the member of the Board of Elders were in a horrible car accident. The V.P Tony Grichnik was driving with Jim Kane in one of his old cars and he thought he saw something run across the street and they swerved and ran into a ditch. When they gained Consciousness they prayed and Jim forced himself out of the car and made his way to the road to get help. They Both have a broken a leg in 4 places and they are badly injured. So please pray for them.

Pray for my Church because we are in the process of finding a new Associate Pastor. Pray that we find a good one

The Pastor of one of the Lutheran Churches in Haiti was murdered on Monday, so please pray for his family and that they stay loyal to the Father almighty.

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  1. bobhickman says:

    it never hurts to pray for one another, and I like that, cause you just never know the benefits that will come from it…….     I want to tell you what Jesus told me, he told me he never would have saved the apostle paul, but people that he would hear were praying for him,        man I would like to be in sype prayer meeting, o, somebody explain to me how it works, online prayer meeting, love it, and I love posting, dont want to wear out my welcome, o, have forum events, forum gathering

  2. lcprince821 says:

    I am going through a storm right now and I caused this storm by my actions.  I am a sinner and I have fallen short of the glory of God.  I have been married for 10 years and throughout my marriage I have cheated on my spouse numerous times both mentally and physically.  I am sorry for the wrong I have done and i know the Lord has forgiven me.  I want to be delivered from my sinful behavior and I ask that all pray for my deliverance.  My wife is ready to file for divorce and because of my actions I do not blame her please pray that my marriage be restored.  I am broken over the harm that i have caused and the fact that my marriage is on the verge of ending.  I love my wife and I am so sorry for all I have done.

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