i have a big problem

So this is kinda hard to admit but i have a problem with pornography. and i am posting because you guys have helped in the past and i need your help now. I told my youth minister and he told me to tell my parents. so they know but i am really struggling with it. i want it to go away,

What do YOU think?



  1. Freak4Jesus15 says:

    How about we stop the arguement because i need help

  2. I dont think accusing one another or claiming some one is dissing or any thing like this shows any good character at all,plus lets be real.We are all learning and growing and we all have allot to learn about humilty.So to show honor and respect to Michael lets stop bashing eash other down and lets encourage one another.I have a minestry but that doesnt mean I know a whole lot,some of you are probaley older than me but that doesnt mean allot.So unless we walk in love we are doing no good.Once again I have to say enough is enough.I will be first to say it,if I have offended any one or hurt any one I am sorry.Most people I dont care much about their opinen because they can quate allot of scripture but that doesnt mean allot to me because I know God haters that can do that.

    • The only way to be a man for God is to walk in his ways.

      Rather than honouring Michael, we should be more honouring towards God, his son.

      The quoting of scripture does not prove or disprove a person as a son, nor if someone “walks in love” does it prove anything. The proof is who they honour, do they honour people or God? Do they seek honour for themselves?

      You should be careful about saying “I dont care much about their opinion” [opinion – A personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty], because by stating thus are you also discounting the scriptures quoted? Which are actually God’s word! God haters can quote scripture but that doesn’t change the fact that it is still God’s word! Also never forget that you are commanded by God/Jesus to love your brothers, it is not a optional extra, so to say “I don’t care” is probably not wise!

      Since we are fellowshipping on the web it is hard to test the person from which the advise is given but I would advise you to “judge” the answers not on the person writing it, but on the substance of the comment. Is the comment consistent with God’s word? Does it give honour to men, where honour should only be to God. For example your comment “Michael,you have an incredible way of answering questions so I like to look for your answers,because God has given you a gift with wisdom” is not consistent with scripture as God is the giver of gifts and he alone should be praised. If Michael is showing that gift, he is still only a “unworthy servant”, and all honour and praise should be directed straight at God. Remember the time in scripture when Jesus forgave a sin of a disabled man, who did the people praise? Not Jesus for doing it but God, who was the giver of such gifts (Mat 9:8).

      God alone is worthy to receive that honour that we quickly give others, or that we want so must for ourselves.

      In Christ,

  3. I was amazed that no one bother to ask you where you stood before God.

    But solid food is for those full grown, having exercised the faculties through habit, for distinction of both good and bad. Because of this, having left the discourse of the beginning of Christ, let us be borne on to full growth, not laying down again a foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God, of baptisms, of doctrine, and of laying on of hands, and of resurrection of dead ones, and of eternal judgment.
    (Heb 5:14-6:2)

    – Have you repented? Turned from the dead works of wickedness?
    – Have you faith in God? To forgive your sins?
    – Were you baptised in water? To die to wickedness in Christ, and raised to a new life?
    – Were you filled with the Holy Spirit? (I am not talking about the common notion of “indwelling”) To give you power from on high to walk in The Spirit and say NO to wickedness?

    We must continually grow in grace and the knowledge of The Lord Jesus Christ, because without growth you have no hope in overcoming.

    2 Peter:
    “… He has given to us the very great and precious promises, so that through these you might be partakers of the divine nature, escaping from the corruption in the world by lust. But also in this very thing, having brought in all diligence, having fully supplied in your faith virtue, and with virtue knowledge, and WITH THE KNOWLEDGE SELF CONTROL, and with the self-control patience, and with the patience godliness, and with the godliness brotherly love, and with brotherly love, love. For these things being in you, and abounding, they will make you not idle, not unfruitful in the full knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. For the one in whom these things are not present is blind, being shortsighted, taking on forgetfulness of the cleansing of his sins in time past. Therefore, brothers, rather be diligent to make sure of your calling and election; for doing these things, you will not ever fall.

    If you are trying to combat this problem without having being fully “born again” no amount of ministries, parents advise, or youth pastors will help you. All you can hope to gain is what it stated in scripture but very rarely taught in Luke 11:24-26, a little bit of relief for something worse later.

    Don’t go back but do go on.

    • Timothy Luke says:

      Redbuck, don't be so amazed at what others ask or don't ask, lest you be lifted up in pride. You are new here, Freak4Jesus is not. Perhaps even the site administrator knows him by now and need not ask the things you need to.

      • That I am lifted up in pride, instead in it a vital question and needed to be asked, for even the apostle Paul asked the same of some he met.

        I am not like Paul, but yet as a fellow slave, I am able to ask a question, and should not be shot down just for doing so.

  4. There are specialist ministries on the web that may be able to help you with this. But the one thing I believe is this:

    If you seek earnestly to be filled with the Holy Spirit every day, spending some serious time on it, it will be a lot easier to deny ungodly lusts. I believe that God wants single people to pray a lot more than they are, in general. Marriage has a different set of problems. But you can seek God and his word until the fire of God destroys what remains in you that doesn't want righteousness.

    Remember that the blood of Jesus Christ is there to cleanse you. But it is the cross, and identification with Jesus on the cross, that breaks the power of sin. The Spirit of God leads us to the cross, so that we can thereafter live a new kind of life!

    • Michael,you have an incredible way of answering questions so I like to look for your answers,because God has given you a gift with wisdom.Plus I enjoy allot your bible studies allot.Well I just wanted to share this because I am learning and growing because of your web sight.Be blessed Tim

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