I had a vision and was marked by who I seen in the vision

Hi all,

I am writing this in hopes of trying to understand a vision I had when I was 13, a vision that left me with marks on the palms of my hands. I know ultimently God is the only one who knows the true reason for the vision and the marks that were left on me but I was looking for insight, perhaps the holy spirit in someone will speak to me through this message.

The Events leading to the vision :

I was in some trouble and cursed God for it, blaming him instead of blaming myself. I told him I was with the devil and was on his side. Days afterward I laid in my bed looking out my window trying to talk to him, I think I may have been apologizing. That night I had the vision.

The vision :

I was sleeping dreaming of myself in the school yard. A boy I went to school with and I were horsing around when he picked me up by my jacket with both hands. When he lifted me up I looked in the sky. There I seen a man who looked to be old, with a long white beard. He was dressed in red robe that had gold designs on it, with a red hat on his head similar to that they wear in the catholic church with pieces of the red fabric triling off the back. In his right hand was a scepter that looked to be bronze or gold with a red ruby on the top. I was rising in the air entranced in his glory and fear of him, my arms outstretched to him. He pointed the scepter at me, I stared at him and then I awoke.

After the vision :

When I woke up I was completely paralized, I couldn’t feel my body, I couldn’t open my eyes or even speak. I laid there for quite some time until my feeling started to come back. Then I realized my arms were in the air raised like they were in the vision. I knew this dream was different, it felt real and the paralysis was all to real. It really freaked me out and I didn’t understand it at all.
The next day in shop class I felt pain in the palm of my left hand and looked to see what I thought was a splinter. I tried to dig it out but could not get it all out. It wasn’t a splinter, I had picked out almost all of a mole in the plam of my hand. I realized days later that there was another mole in the plam of my right hand. Most of the mole in my left hand is gone, but you can still see it, the mole on my right is intact. They don’t look like normal moles either, they are under the skin as apposed to being on top of it.

I have often wondered if it was a curse on my hands that I recieved, if I am cursed to hell. Was it jesus I seen? He was wearing different clothing then when other people describe seeing him. He also had white hair, like in the book of revelations. If anyone has any ideas please don’t heasitate to jump in and try to decipher this vision. I have asked him to show me and have asked him to explain it to me but I have not seen him again. I know ultimently he will show it to me when I am ready but I would like to hear anyone’s thoughts on it.

Thanks and God bless.

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