I had a dream – A warning from God to nations of the world. Revealed to Samuel Idoko Abah on 5th August, 2012.
On the night of Saturday, 4th August, 2012, I had a dream. Although, I did not know exactly the time I had the dream because I did not look at the clock when I woke from sleep. But I think it was between 3.00am to 4.00am on Sunday of 5th August, 2012.
While I was sleeping, I had a dream. In my dream, I was in a group of 3 people who were studying the Bible. The forum was like a Bible study meeting, where one person was coordinating. The coordinator of the Bible study (which I did not know) requested that we should open to Isaiah chapter 34 verse 4 (Isaiah 34: 4). One of the participants of the Bible study (which I know to be a brother in the same Church fellowship) stood up to read the quoted Scriptures. Immediately he stood to read from the Bible, I woke from sleep. I prayed to God so that I can remember the Bible quotation and God allowed me to remember it. I know the Lord allowed me to remember it for a purpose – to share it to people for further dissemination without delay. As you read this testimony, pray and ask the Holy Spirit for direction and give it a wide publicity. It is very important in a time like this.
Verse 4 of Isaiah 34 says that “The sun, moon, and stars will crumble to dust. The sky will disappear like a scroll being rolled up, and the stars will fall like leaves dropping from a vine or a fig tree”. The caption of Isaiah 34 in the Good News Bible says that “GOD WILL PUNISH HIS ENEMIES”. And the whole Isaiah 34 summaries that God is angry with all the nations and all their armies, as a result, He has prepared his sword in heaven against those people whom He has condemned to destruction. But His people will live for ever in peace.
I believe it is a warning to all the nations of the earth to repent from their sins and turn to God before the dreadful day of the Lord comes. God wants us to live in peace with one another. Hebrews 12: 14 says “Try to be at peace with everyone, and try to live a holy life, because no one will see the Lord without it.” Please, I appeal to all readers of this testimony to make effort to seek God daily and take refuge in Him alone before it is too late. The rate of crime in the world especially killing of people is quite alarming. God is seriously angry with those who take murdering as their hobby. They should repent and turn to God before it will be late for them. All glory and adoration be to God Almighty who considered me worthy to reveal His word to me through dream. My soul and spirit never seize to thank God my Father. I look forward to seeing more revelations from Him about His second coming. Amen.

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