I found the G.T.K.E.O. place…yea!

Hello everyone! I’ve just realized how to post here on the “getting to know each other” section! I originally posted most of ‘this’ on my profile page, but I think this page was the correct place to put it. I’ve been signed up for a little while just reading blogs and comments, but other than that I don’t know where to get started. I invite you to send a message to say hello and maybe give me some advice on how to get started and get involved.

I love the conversation of this group. Everyone seems nice and fun but sometimes serious too. I hope to get to know you better both brothers and sisters! Sisters I hope to meet all of you soon and talk about the wonderful things of the Lord. Brothers, I don’t want give anyone the wrong impression, make assumptions or seem rude, but just in case, I think I should say I’m “not” looking for a relationship or anything like that, BUT I would like to talk with brothors too and be “friends in Christ” 🙂

I was born in the US, but have been a lot of places in my life because my fathers career was in the US Air Force, he’s retired now. It’s been great to travel and see the world, but I love my home, the USA!

I’ve been born again for over 8 years and will never be the same. God is my refuge and I love him so much!

InaNaka (Alejandra)

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