I can’t seem to maintain the fire

Pls pray for me. i am a Christian Minister that believes in the Bible and everything written on it. I also flow in the gifts of the Spirit. I have been serving the Lord for 2 years now. and these times are times of trial and training for me by God. pls pray that i remain the fire inside and not be afftected by the Devil’s attacks, i don’t want to be distracted by loss of fire in me since the work of God becomes delayed etc. Pls pray that there will always be God’s abiding Presence

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  1. Timothy Luke says:

    “Father, we thank you for your call on our brother’s life. We pray you keep, sustain and encourage him in the midst of trial and hindrance worked by the enemy. Help him to constantly be growing in grace and knowledge during this time as you prepare him for the work to come. In Jesus’ name, we pray, amen.”

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