i am losing hope… i dont know where writing with no Christian friends and supporters will lead me…

i feel terribly uneasy… please support me… i feel alone… i wanna be happy guys…

i WAS into occult before

What do YOU think?


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  1. I just finished watching a Man named Todd Bentley. Oh my dear Brothers & SiSters. He is causing A falling away. He is supposedly in contact with an Angel named Emma. He lifts her message up above that of Jesus. He preaches with Violence. No reverence. He ran & slugged a man with stomach cancer in the gut. He tells people the spirit told him too. That the spirit told him to kick an Old Lady in the Face with His Biker Boot. Of course people aren’t going to say anything against what he is doing, he beats them up while someone holds them. He spoke about knocking soMeone down & riding them like a horse. It is sick. His wife was Speaking about a dream & she really wasn’t making much sense to me then she went into a fit. I would ask anyone who has had MS or epilepsy if they have had one of these. They are called exacerbAtions & it is not Good. He is having them on purpose. I know the fruit of Gods Holy Spirit & he isn’t showing any fruit at all. He is violent & preaching angels. Well he sure isn’t preaching about gods holy Spirit. It is not Jesus I see there. It is A falsehood. Remember to watch & pray and don’t follow this folley. I can only warn you, but the kingdom of heaven has been at war. And the Violent try to take it by Force. Jesus Doesn’t force, he tells you to ask. He will not force you to Love him, or heal by violence. I know that many will go to receive a Healing miracle but I ask you, Do you really want to be falsely healed by satan Or truely healed By God. I personally would rather be sick & wait for Jesus, than be Healed by satan. I do not like the Idea of who I would have to thank! I will pray for you all my brothers & sisters. Your sis in Christ Jesus, Annette!!!

    • sonfollower63 says:

      He was once featured on TV. He is a fraud.

    • Hi Annette,

      I wrote about this man back in 2008 when we was popular but before his adultery was exposed.  See http://www.christian-faith.com/forjesus/why-i-dont-trust-the-todd-bentley-lakeland-phenomenon

      By God's mercy fewer people are taken in this time, in spite of Rick Joyner's efforts to give Bentley a huge platform again.

      There are pitfalls everywhere, the most important thing is to keep seeking the Lord Jesus Christ and the Father in humility. Don't trust in men, especially those who say that you should trust them because they claim to be "apostles" or "prophets" or some great one.

      • I just heard about him & checked him out. I just can’t believe people. I have a neice who is a proclaimed athiest a brother who won’t speak to his sisters & everywhere I seem to look people wxpect God to change for whAt they waNt or to make up their own God. I wasn’t on your site 2 years ago so I had no Idea about this Guy. And as I said I would rather remain ill than have to thank satan for a healing. Everywhere I turn people are fighting & I pray & pray I know to just put it all in his hands. So I will. I really wanted to warn others after I saw that. I will keep you & your ministry in my prayers. And nextime I will try to see the date when I write a comment. Thank you for letting me know Michael. But I never know about these things. They seem to resurface in one form or another. Love & blessings to you, your sis in Christ Jesus, Annette

        • It is possible for a person to get a genuine healing ministry from God and then turn to sinful methods to promote themselves or their ministry. There can come a mixture of good and evil actually. Such seems to have happened in Bentley's case.

          Annette, I encourage you to contact my friend Pat Buckley on skype. He has a real ministry of healing and encouragement in many areas. He goes strongly after God. He has seen many miracles and great healings in his small church there in Portland. And he does minister to people online and through skype.

          His skype id is depression_help, but that doesn't mean he only ministers to those with depression. Far from it.

  2. I really appreciate the warm responses guys… i thought id be ignored again.. thank you. im feeling at ease now. thank you really

    • Holyroller_11 says:

      God can always use more warriors for his kingdom, now get up,Stand up, and be a soul winner for Christ,the fields are white,but the workers are few, welcome aboard

    • lookingforhope2011 says:

      In my darkest hour I found this site. I even googled suicide to see if it was a sin. But praise be to God I got on here and found awesome encouragement and prayer. The devil likes to make us think there is no way out. But thanks be to God there is a way out. I still have down days. But I have found friends here on this site that pray and encourage me. Even though they are facing tremendous battles themselves. You will be blessed on here. And many will reach out and help you with Gods genuine love!

      • sonfollower63 says:

        I think I met you on a Christian Forum? I am going to pray for you right now. We have all been where you are…. I too found this site while “searching” for “answers” I pray that Michael F is blessed today for keeping this site up and going! Bless you friend you will find lots of helpful things on ths site and perhpas some friends as well! Keep going God loves you.

  3. Hi. I really hope you'll find some Christian friends on this site.

    The other thing is that if you search for a good spirit-filled Church in your area you are likely to get some encouragement.

  4. lookingforhope2011 says:

    On bended knees make your thoughts known to God. You don’t need fancy words. Just pour your heart out. Invite Him in. Make your house His house. Where the spirit of God is devils have to flee! Ask Him to fill you to overflowing with Joy!

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