I am Looking Forward to Moderating on Christian-Faith.com

As Michael has stated, I am now moderating on the forum. I have been blessed by my time of fellowship here and I hope I have been a blessing to others as well. I operated a Christian forum for a while, but that was a mere warm up for this responsibility. I am asking for your prayers as I begin taking on this task, and I thank you in advance for them.

Michael and I have the same heart to build up the church in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. As I have been on here, I am confident in our level of agreement and discernment as I come alongside our brother in moderating Christian-Faith.com. I just want to take a moment to share my heart with you on this, so we can have a place of understanding. I love you!

Christian-Faith.com is a place for Christians to build one another up in the Lord. It is a safe place to share our views politely and in meekness. When I make a statement, I expect there to be opposing view points. I am not offended by that. If one feels I am in error on a post, please feel free to address it with me openly, or privately – but please do so respectfully, as you should for anyone on these forums.

I have set my path to follow the Word of God, so if you feel the need to correct a position I have taken, please use the Word of God as the basis. Recently, I loved how MelodyCat was able to simply quote scripture and the Lord was able to bring it to bear witness to help me walk in line with our Lord. Iron sharpens iron here. If we use these forums to teach one another, we must also be willing to learn from one another.

As a moderator, I am acting in the role of a shepherd. I am doing all I can to provide a safe and healthy field for God’s people to graze upon. Part of those duties will include the ability to delete derogatory posts and ban abusive users. My concern is foremost to the glorification of the Lord, secondarily to the edification, exhortation and comfort of His little ones. If I admonish, it will be clearly and in love for those I am admonishing.

I will have to give account to God, not man, for how I handle this. I am now using my first and middle names, Timothy Luke, because I think it helps us communicate better. For Google’s sake I have chosen to not have my last name posted publicly.

I love you and am looking forward to being a blessing in your life as you seek and walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. Let’s remember our call to Edification, Exhortation, and Comfort as we post and share insights here. People will always be more important than private interpretations of scripture as I carry out my duties here. Again, remember us in your prayers as we move forward…

Blessings and peace to you!


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