I also see 1111

I am a born again Pentecostal Christian women I believe that God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost are 1. I have been experiencing the same 1111 phenomena for over 3 years. I can give you many examples of the times I’ve seen this number but as you can read it’s been over 3 years and honestly speaking I am tired of seeing it because it has been every single day at every time in my house, in the streets, at work, and on TV. I do not believe in all this mumbo jumbo hocus pocus that all these people on the internet believe in such as “it’s for us to make a wish when we see it” “our guardian angels are near” among others, I believe that angels do exist for they are mentioned in the Bible many times, I definitely don’t believe that they’re my guardian angels nor that I have any. Nonetheless when they are mentioned in the Bible they are presented to us as messengers. I am not saying that I think that angels are sending us messages either. Because I don’t know that. I have never had an encounter with angels or any “weird presence”. I do believe that there are many of us going through this same phenomena and that for some reason this year this phenomena is showing it’s self stronger. Can it be because this number comes up so many times in this year itself? 1-1-11, 1-11-11, 2-1-11, 2-11-11, 3-1-11, 3-11-11, 4-1-11, 4-11-11, 5-1-11, 5-11-11, 6-1-11, 6-11-11, 7-1-11, 7-11-11, 8-1-11, 8-11-11, 9-1-11, 9-11-11, 10-1-11, 10-11-11, 11-1-11, 11-11-11, 12-1-11 and 12-11-11. Many of us have experienced the 1111 phenomena. There is no doubt that we have been selected or chosen if you will. Why have we been chosen? We must all have something in common. What do we have in common it cannot be race, religion, sex or age. Someone is trying to tell us something. Who and why? What is the message? What are we supposed to do? I’ve read all around the internet many stories as well as theories on this phenomena, however I’m not satisfied with this information. All of sudden some came up with an answer some people are Christian and some are not. The question is what do we all have in common? We need to commence with a process of elimination such as age, sex, race and so on. It’s not the rapture for no one knows the day nor the hour. God bless you all. @all Christians this is a serious issue that is truly going on in many of our lives and I ask that you help us pray about it if it’s of God then we need an answer if it isn’t then we rebuke it in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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