I acknowledge that I need an inner strength team who will sincerely pray for me all the time…

Please take your time reading my post. I badly need your prayers.

I was into occult for years.

My mother came from a protestant Christian family but was given 2 small stones when she was in her 20s by a so-called “faith healer” who happened to be her colleague’s father. I believe these small stones were the very reasons why all of us suffered in the family. She had 2 miscarriages, and was cheated by my father for other women. My sister was born with a hole in her heart but it had been operated medically.

My mother is in her 60s now and I am in my 20s. When I was younger, I got very interested in astrology, spells, feng shui displays, talking to my dead relatives tombs… and more. I spent a lot of money for those activities because I was a big of a loser in our school — classmates always teasing and bullying me of my physical appearance, etc. Years back, I studied occult. I wanted to be a witch because I wanted to get back at my classmates in high school. I was wholly broken-hearted. It was also the time when my father abandoned us that made me lose interest to go to school.

The mother of my driving instructor when I was 16 was the “psychic” who taught me for a month. Mom knew all about it, but she never took me seriously of those things as for her what I did was of a joke teenagers do to be COOL. I paid her much for the lessons. It only lasted for more or less 2 months as I noticed she was just fooling me for charging me a higher rate each meeting.

I kept the charm I bought from her at $69. She advised me to attach it in my bra with a pin for that entire year to absorb the “powers”. I really believed there was nothing wrong about what I was getting into because I thought I was only doing it to defend and protect me from hurtful people. I kept it for about 4 years. I gave myself to him — as though the spirit in it was my husband, without even hearing his voice nor seeing the face. I was very desperate.

Many things followed. I’d just fast forward it. In December 2009, I broke up with my colleague boyfriend. (I was like a two-timer for having relationship with the demon, willing to have astral sex at the same time.) He couldn’t accept my decision and he played witchcraft against me. He wanted my virginity and that made things worse. My general health fell down. I suffered severely from heartburn, absent-mindedness, gluttony, depression, anxiety, insomnia… lots. I couldn’t control the negative things happening. It was always like bad luck was closely following me. Then I found a “magtatawas” who used an oslo paper and candle to see the images of the one sending me attacks. So I confirmed one was my ex-boyfriend. Before we left the place, I happened to confess to the “magtatawas” that I was wearing my charm the whole time, for years, that perhaps we could talk to him for a little. The name of that sham healer is Philomena Ramos. She told me that Dave (I named him as instructed by the psychic teacher) was just after my body that he never really loved me at all. So I immediately wanted him out of my life. After surrendering the thing to her, she suggested to give me another “protection from bad spirits”. Since I did not so appreciate what my exes did to me, I thought, getting a “better” one would be alright. She blew my center of my head as though she was whispering something to it. I asked what it was about, but she didn’t like me asking too much. So we just left.

Mid-2010, I felt ultra-terrible. I was getting prone to accidents and was experiencing strange things. I went to Bulacan, met another founder of a cult there, who is now the problem why I am really disturbed today. He was the worst of all I met. I believed he could heal me but he raped me astrally, taking advantage of my body while I’m at my sleep. I believe he still does it today. I WANT TO SHARE HIS NAME TO YOU CHRISTIANS BECAUSE I BELIEVE GOOD PRAYERS ARE POWERFUL. I had long left my occult life. I received Jesus Christ last year, though it is still a hard adjustment process I do day by day. PLEASE HELP ME. I NO LONGER KEEP CURSED OBJECTS AND COMMUNICATE WITH THESE KINDS OF PEOPLE — BUT I SO FEEL THEY DISTURB ME. Everyday I feel somebody kisses me astrally at night, get itchy in my skin to the extent that it is like a needle is pricking it, shiver and tremble out of the blue, forget things easily, dream unknown men robbing or running after me with guns, get irritated shortly, doubt people’s good deeds, receive sexual and lustful images…. someone stroking my hair, all these… a lot more! I feel people condemning me… I feel cheap… they make me feel so small that I know I’m really not…. I feel weak…. please continue to pray for me as there are times I want to give up already… I have been calling on God’s angels to throw these horrible things away but they’d keep coming back. My church friends turned out to be hypocrites so I quit visiting a physical church… so I’m doing this faith alone realizing I can’t…

* I cannot stand this astral-kissing of the founder of that cult. I feel defenseless though I call on God because the kissing happens most of the time. It makes me suffer. I never had a special relationship with him which disappoints me very much because he is insisting himself. Please pray for me.


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