Hurting yet prayerful

Hello Michael,

I had a dream that the my daughter’s new friend is in to lesbian behavior. After speaking with my son and one of my daughter’s other friends, I found out that they have been parading around the school as if they were a couple. I had a conversation with my daughter and she feels that she is now a lesbian. It did drop into my spirit on today that she was given a hello kitty necklace by a family member. hello kitty has been used by the lesbian movement for whatever reason. my daughter had a ring that i threw away as well as the necklace. i don’t want to hurt my daughter or alienate her but this situation/behavior i absolutely will not support.i have been praying for her and asking God to deliver her and not to let this situation ruin her life. Satan is a cruel enemy and he will use any tactic to destroy our children. please pray that we all will walk away from this situation in the center of God’s will. i feel hurt and confused because we used to be very close. we’ve barely spoken in two weeks because i’m not sure of what to say to her. i told her that i love her but i can’t agree with her actions. in addition. i told her that her friend would not be allowed to call our home.

What do YOU think?



  1. Hi Felecia,
    I sympathize with your situation.I know another family dealing with this.
    I don’t know if you have heard of them ,but Exodus International is a ministry that helps people come out of the deception of a homosexual lifestyle. They have a lot of great information on their web site,so it could be a resource for you. My advise to you would be to let your daughter know that you love her unconditionally,despite the poor choices she is making. It will make reconciliation easier, and she won’t resent you later.Throwing things away and trying to alter anything on the external will not change your daughter’s heart. Only God’s truth can do that.
    You should be getting as much information about this as possible so that you can have an informed conversation with your daughter.Trust God,and don’t get angry.(easy for me to say,right?) is a great place to start! I will lift you up in prayer,asking God to give you wisdom and patience and healing for all your hurts. I will also pray that the deception Satan has manipulated your daughter with will crumble and come to nothing.
    As her mother you have authority over her life,and the demonic force coming against her. Bind them in the name of Jesus! Forbid their activity where it pertains to her! May God Bless You in your efforts!

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