Humerous moments in Outreach Ministry

In Punjab when I was served lunch, I had two children with fans providing a strong breeze. I protested that I did not need this. But then it was explained to me that they were driving away the flies prevalent in a farm house where they have buffaloes so that I will not get extra protein with the flies. I think that in spite of that, I may have consumed a few.

When I reached a remote village in Rajasthan, I said that I had not used a toilet and asked for their facilities. I was happily ushered to the back of the house and shown the bushes and was told that the leaves are big enough. Big enough!….Then I understood that they were conserving the water for drinking! I was lucky to spend only the day there. Many local pastors who work amongst tribals, live right on the edge.

I couldn’t charge my mobile as there was no electricity. They said that they normally had them charged for Rs.5 when they touch civilisation and keep it switched off to conserve energy. I am searching the net for solar chargers for them.

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  1. karikasery says:

    In our Ministry to Pastors, I also teach Pastors about their family relationships, which is mostly strained. Once one Pastor showed me a photo of his wife in his purse and said “This is the cross that I have to carry!” I came across many Pastors like that.
    I tell the Pastors wives that part of the blame is due to themselves. When your husband comes in the evening, you are seen the courtyard in front of your farm house dressed in a torn nightie. Making Patties out of Buffalo dung for the kitchen fire. How can you expect him to look on you with love, when you have cow dung on your face instead of face powder and lipstick? And the only time you dress up is when you go out for others to see. Why don’t you dress up for your husband, so that he will change his priorities. which at present is 1st God, 2nd His ministry, 3rd His buffaloe, and 4th you. You should actually be in 2nd place. But not with cow dung on your face!

  2. karikasery says:

    Many People glorify Pastors and always ask for prayers at the end of the talk. One of the main points of my talks is that you need to become a Disciple and walk in the power and authority of God, and not be a sort of wet blanket asking each and every visiting Pastor for prayers. But this sort of begging for intercession through the Pastor is a common sight but normally discouraged by me. Except when someone is truly ill and in need or if I need to drive out a demon or something.
    So Last time in Punjab, when this lady came up to me for praying over her. I called her over and asked her whether her Pastor (who was standing next to me) had prayed for her? Then I told her in his presence, ” I don’t mind praying for you. But the last time I prayed for my wife she had to have five operations. Now do you want me to pray over you or will your own pastor do?” She gave a tremulous smile and sidled away. The Pastor and I had a quiet laugh.
    Sometimes people come to me asking me to bless bottles of water. I ask them whether THEY have prayed over it? I tell them its God who does all things on the basis of your faith. My faith will urge God to do things for me. Your faith will lead God to do things for you. But if you don’t have faith, my faith will not work for you. Except if God has a special plan for you.
    We need to get people out of believing that Pastors are some sort of super humans. And also to get Pastors to believe that they are ordinary human beings. Some of them let the Eulogies to get to their head!! And begin to behave as if they are some sort of Magician for God. Boy! will they have a great fall!

    • Timothy Luke says:

      I agree. I have the Michaelangelo’s picture of the hand of God reaching down and the hand of man reaching up, but never quite touching.
      The Pastor is the middle man who puts the hands together, saying essentially, “God, I present this child and their need.” and “Child, I present you to the Living God….” When the two hands meet, it is the faith of the believer that meets the will of the Father and they shake hands and the deal is done on that basis, not on the faith of the Pastor. His job is done, but the work of God is founded upon the faith of the believer. Even Jesus could do no mighty work in Nazareth for the lack of belief of the people.

  3. Well Prince, you often do get a laugh when you go out to do this kind of work. God bless you as you minister for the Lord!

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