H.Rs baptizm of the HolyGhost

At 26, Had already had a great outpouring from God,cleaning me,removing the seed of sin,and getting me(temple)ready for the infilling of the HolyGhost. I was thinking this should be easy,because I had such a hard time recieving sanctification,(many long nights in prayer) Well, I found myself starting all over in spending long hours at the alter again. All kinds of thoughts are tossed in my head,such as ,you already recieved,and your holding up service again people want to go home,and so on.But I wanted to make sure,so I kept pressing. every service I would think I’m not leaving without it.(baptism) but it is very hard on the flesh on your knees for hours,legs go to sleep,cramps everywhere. so around midnight,I was beat. I came in on sunday night service about 6,thinking and feeling like a race horse at the gate,ready to recieve. As I walk in the door,the preacher says,we are having a men’s meeting in the back,something simple, I didn’t want no meeting,I wanted to get my baptizm! So while in the meeting I could feel fire in my heart,and I don’t have a clue what the meeting was for. After about a half hour,chuch started at 630 on sundays. we went into the main church. The fire was gone! Oh no I had to get it back!, so at the beginning of the service,the church was asked to gather at the front for prayer requests and have a short prayer. Not me,when I hit that alter I stayed,right on through the whole service,but nothing, as people were leaving around 830 or 9, a few stayed and prayed with me,I stood up,because I was hurting in the legs but still praying, my pastor stood on 1 side and his son,the piano player on the other,and prayed and I prayed,hands in the air until they hurt, suddenly a white light,the size of a baseball,hit me between the eyes,the next thing I knew,I was on the floor backward, didn’t feel the fall, all I could see was white,I could feel wind blowing across me and electricity running through me like rivers,very strong!! my face and lips trembled and shook,as if I could speak in tongues,but they came later.I don’t know exactly how long I was down but when the power left, it was after 12, As I tried to get up,everything in view was spinning like as if I got of a spinning fair ride,minutes later the spinning slowly stopped,and I could see where I was. light headed to the point,my wife had to drive me home, 28 years later,I can still feel the fire!! praise God Its real, and still waiting for those who HUNGER and THIRST ,they shall be filled. amen

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