How To Deceive Christian Youth

Satan knows that if he can corrupt an entire generation he will be able to severely weaken and damage the church of God within a few short years. So it is no surprise that Satan has always targeted the youth and young people. He even targets the children.

One of the ways Satan is deceiving Christian youth today is through pop stars who use “God words” but serve LUST, MAMMON and IDOLATRY.

One of Satan’s favourite tricks is to take some pretty young Baptist girl or boy and catapult them into major stardom in the world, lure him or her into all kinds of sin, and then get them and their mega-famous pastors to talk about the fact that they are CHRISTIANS!

The effect of this is to cause millions of Christian youth to be confused.

People are left with the idea that you can be a saved person and still serve the lusts of this world.

They will end up in hell if they do not repent. Salvation by grace is still salvation FROM sin. It is not salvation from consequences only.

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