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I’m writing to you with immense of problem and is been deeply depressed. My wife was seeing a man who was 17 yrs younger to her. I have not been able to live my life the same ever since the day I was told by my children. This all was happening from last years, which ended in July 2009 after my children told me all about it as they have seen everything. Her behavior has chnaged and she is not the same ever since, she does not care about me any longer and does not even love, all she wants from me is money. Her mother was fully aware of it an has never stopped her. All I want that she should confess everything to me fully not hiding anything.. I really do not know what to do, she is lying everyday and says she has confessed everyhthing to Jesus and does need to confess anyone else. She is adulterous, she soeaks bad language, does not love or care about me.

Would you suggest I should go for divorce, I’w willing to forgive but she should speak the whole truth. Why is not speaking the truth and really don’t understand.

Please guide in the light of God, waiting for your reply



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  1. needing prayer says:

    I advice you to put everything in gods hand. I’ve been going tru a lot and My husband was going to leave me. I put everything in his hands ; but like you felt I needed others prayers. I praise god he has heard my prayers and those of the people that prayed for me. We are working all our problems out.I also thank everyone who has prayed for me on this site. Thanks you for being a prayer friend. I thought I was alone and my life was over for me and my family. But god took the impossible and made a miracle of love. I will pray for your family. God doesn’t want marriages to fall apart that is the devil. God has good things in stored for us. Believe and trust in him. He will see you true it. But don’t loose faith. May god bless you and all those hurting around you.

  2. bornagainbytheblood says:

    Are you living a holy and righteous life in Christ Jesus? If so, then the Word of God declares that you are not under any obligation to continue in the marriage, as your wife broke the vows through adultery. I cite Matthew 5:32. I am not saying whether you should divorce or not, but rather that you are not under any obligation to continue in the marriage after adultery.

    If you have not lived a holy life in Christ Jesus, then examine yourself and get the beam out of your own eye first.

  3. I can really feel your pain and I am deeply sorry.The concept about saying I confessed every thing to jesus is just a person bound by a religous spirit.See when a person gets right with God their actions will follow their heart.If she is just being very cold and not careing about you than you need to realize that she really isnt seeking truth.My biggest question is if youare both christians have youtalked to your pastor?See many times people seek advice on the internet but people at your church see much more than a person sees on the internet so its really diffecult to give any one advice on the internet because through years of helping people out,one thing I have learned is people dont just fall away from their love or from Christ with out there being some thing that most didnt know about.See every christian councelor will tell you that when a couple prays together,go to church together and goes out and just spend time together talking they have a 75% greater success rate than others.Watch the movie FIRE PROOF,it is a powerful christian film and it will teach you allot.See my wife and I almost called it quits because I didnt realize it but after 8 years of marriage she was getting lonely because I worked allot.See I thought if I buy my wife every thing she needs she will be happy but woman are emotional people,they need your TIME,ATTENTION,UNDERSTANDING AND COMPASSION.I will have my intercessors on my minestry be praying for you.Have a blessed day Tim

  4. First thing I would tell her that you are not happy with the way things are in your marriage and you want things to improve. Tell her you want to go with her to someone for marriage counselling.

    If she refuses that ask her if she wants you to have a happy marriage. I think you need to get her to agree to counselling, or if not, she should separate from you (not divorce) until she is willing to work on resolving the issue.

    Don't rush into divorce, God wants to restore marriages.

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