How Jesus saved me

All my life I felt attracted to Jesus. I was brought up in catholic church. I remember I always had the feeling of a huge emptiness inside, and fear, an enormous fear of life. When I was 13 I heard my classmates preaching the gospel for the first time. When I was 22 I baptized and I suffered persecution from my family because of my decision for Christ. According to them I could not denie catholic church. When I was 25 I married my husband at Baptist church agains my and his family will. My husband was not a real christian despite the fact that he attended evangelical church. When I married him I moved to another town and backslide, abandoned church and did not want to read the bible. I simply was very busy to know how to obey the Holy Spírit and live by faith. I had two children, a boy and a girl. Nowadays we are all in Christ, except my husband. He intend to live us because we are christians and he is not. He said we are different from him, and he wants to enjoy life (sin) and not satisfy me. I am really sad but I know Jesus is with me. I pray that Jesus break that pride inside him, and cast out demons inside him. Yesterday I was praying and fasting for our situation when he (the demon) started yelling at my kids. they are groun up she is 24, and he is 22. I am 54 my husband is 56 and we are married since 1982 – 29 years.

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