How I Met JESUS,My Love

I met Jesus , the Love of my life , more than five years ago. But before coming to that point , let me tell you how I got there , by telling you about my earlier life . My name is Habib BLAYO , born on October 23 , 1973 in N’djamena , Chad , Africa . From a very early age , I made a habit of lying to get attention , and lying became to me as natural as breathing , to the point where I could not even differentiate between my lies and reality . Throughout the years , in spite of all my parents’ efforts to correct me , I stayed on that track . Years later , my parents sent me to France to attend high school in a boarding school in Pontoise , a suburb of Paris . A year later, I smoked my first cigarette and soon began increasing my daily consumption , all because I wanted to look “cool” and fit in . After I finished high school , I attended college in Mougins , southern France . There , during a party , I tasted what the Basks call “calimucho” , a mix of win and coke , and I just fell in love with it . Pretty soon , I became an alcoholic , I could not go a day without drinking something “rough” that could enable me to act wildly and feel “good” and “cool” at the same time . Later , I tasted hashish and fell madly in love with it also . I gradually increased my consumption of alcohol , hashish and cigarettes to a point where I smoked two packs of cigarettes a day ! Logically , it began to show in my grades . In 1995 , I transferred to a university in Melbourne , Florida , USA . There , I discovered marijuana and immediately became addicted to it ; later , I added cocaine , ecstasy , hallucinogenic mushrooms and even prescription pain killers to my choice list . There came a point where all I wanted was to get high and drunk , that was in 1997. The money received from my father went directly to satisfy these needs , and pretty soon I stopped going to class altogether , even though my father paid the tuition fees . During that time , I began to breathe hatred ; I threatened to kill people and I really meant it : if I had a gun at that time , I would have murdered a few people who ,I felt , had wronged me . I started enjoying hurting people’s feelings so as to break their spirit . During that period of my life , the lies and the hypocrisy reached an all time high , you could say that everything about me was evil , truly . I was a thief , a burglar and my heart was darker than the darkest night . In december of 1999 , realizing that , if I stayed in Melbourne , I would either end up dead or in jail , I decided to move to Jersey City , and then on to New York , where things kept on going a little more downhill with the passing time . Then , in may of 2002 , I started thinking about my life and all the missed opportunities , and quickly came to the conclusion that I was a failure that would not have been missed if I had never existed . I decided to commit suicide : I would go to the Brooklyn bridge , smoke one last marijuana joint , listen to my favorite “gangsta rap” and throw myself into the water to drown . As I was having these thoughts , suddenly , something illogical and unexplainable happened : I felt a powerful , loving presence in and around me and pretty soon , the will to live came back into me , and I even started smiling again , something that had not happened in ages !To me , this presence could only be my black ancestors because I thought only they could love me this way ; soon , I started praying daily to my ancestors . At that time I was a certified anti-Christian and often made fun of God and Jesus and His followers . After a little while , I also felt the urge to go back to Africa and to study . In september of 2002 , all of a sudden , the love I had for alcohol disappeared completely . Thinking that I owed it to my ancestors , I intensified my prayer life , full of gratitude towards them . A few weeks later , I was free from nicotine and drug addiction , which I again credited my ancestors with . In November of 2002 , as I was sleeping , I suddenly found myself in a place without floor , without walls and without ceiling , and I was surrounded by four creatures I would never be able to describe except for the fact that they had huge steel claws . Then they started plunging these claws into my body , each of them in its turn . I had never felt such pain in my entire life , but when I wanted to scream , no sound came out of my throat , I felt like crying , but no tears came rolling down my cheeks . So I curled up my body in a sitting position , with my hands and arms covering my head and face , trying to protect myself . Then , a phrase was flashed in my mind : “Jesus is My Savior” . At that moment , I noticed that the pain was less intense , so I started repeating this phrase in my mind to reduce the pain , but I was not convinced by the meaning of the phrase . After a while , the pain stopped , and as I gradually stood up , I saw the creatures moving back , seemingly disappearing into the darkness around . But all of a sudden , the were back with a vengeance , and the fierceness of their attack was such that I was absolutely sure that I would die , and I gave up resisting altogether . But while I was slipping into death , I said to myself : “ok , I am dying , and I truly deserve it because I am filthy through and through , but one thing I know for sure : Jesus , He is my Savior , not my ancestors , not anybody or anything else “. At that moment , the pain immediately stopped , and as I looked around me , I noticed that the creatures had disappeared . At once , there was a bright light on my right , it was not a blinding light ; rather , it was comforting and reassuring . This light started growing and ,as the rays of this light reached and entered my body , I found myself sitting on my bed , awake , and well aware of my surroundings . Only , I was not the same person I was before going to sleep . I felt as light as a piece a paper ready to take off , as if a one-ton weight had been lifted off my shoulders . My heart was invaded with a quality and quantity of love that cannot be described in human words , and I started crying for joy , like a little baby . That day , and the following days , I was in a “haze” : I did not know what day of the week it was or the date ; each morning , I woke up setting my heart on looking for information about Jesus on the net and on TV . After a while , I bought my first Bible , and set out to read it everyday until exhaustion , and I started praying to my One and only Father in Heaven and praising His Son everyday . This was how I met JESUS , the Love of my life . In August of 2004 , I enrolled in the faculty of technology of Addis-Ababa , Ethiopia , where I am a senior due to graduate in August of 2008 .Why Addis-Ababa ? Because it was God’s choice . How do I know ? Well , that’s another story that I may tell later…

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