How do you know that certain idea is came from God ?

Hi, I’m new here. I’ve been up and down in my relation with God and only ercently I have this kind of stregth to believe in God. I still have lots of things that I don’t know yet and wand want to understand. Like some people tell how they heard God speak to them about this and that.

In the Bible some prophets seems to hear God just like they heard people talking to them. Like Samuel as a child, Samuel thought that Ely is calling to him when God call him. But some people said that it won’t be always like that, sometimes God talk to us by referring to certain passages in the Bible or through certain events in our lives.

But how exactly you know that certain ideas is come from God and not from others or just from our tricky mind ?

Because about a year ago I was suddenly thinking of this passages :

16:2 He answered and said to them, “When it is evening you say, `[It will be] fair weather, for the sky is red’;
16:3 “and in the morning, `[It will be] foul weather today, for the sky is red and threatening.’ Hypocrites! You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot [discern] the signs of the times.

At that time Mountain Merapi in Central java is predicted to explode within next few days (I live in east java Indonesia). So I began to wonder God said that we suppose to be able to see the signs of times, what about Indonesia? I’m chinese decendant and at May 98, there is riots that some focused on chinese. And after trying to analyze things like how our government performed, people lose faith to the government, prize goes higher and higher and its getting harder to find a job. Not to mention the number of natural disaster that happened in the recent years. I came to conclusion that it is the best for me migrate to other country and as much as possible prepare to take the rest of my other family there.

Now its not easy to make that happened but one thing that burden my mind a lot, is it really from God or just my mind? I mean if it is from God, God know I will just do it. But one thing I’m affraid is that this not from God, how do I know? Maybe He want me here not there. Well things like that.

What do YOU think?



  1. junkstopshere says:

    The Bible is like the Qur’an, create enough different vague stories and a person (or demon if they exist) skilled in deception can make any situation in real life seem like it relates to the stories and verses of the Bible and Qur’an. Demons are reported by the Bible as being more intelligent than mankind. There is far more verifiable information available to dispute the relationship between how man wants to fit into Gods will, and how we apparently do fit into the Universe that God commands.

    Dinosaurs, ancient skeletons of our ancestors, scientific proof of things that directly contradict the Bible, life on other planets; yes, when we find life in ANY form anywhere other than Earth, this negates a basic tenet of the Bible. Mankind is not the center of Gods will, life was created elsewhere, it lived and died without any relationship to mankind. Therefore, all things in the Universe are not for our use as we see fit.

    With this basic tenet invalid, what makes the rest of the Bible or Qur’an any less invalid?

    Those who abuse animals no longer have the support of what was considered to be legitimate teachings. The taking of life as outlined in the Ten Commandments again becomes a sin. But people will struggle to shape their beliefs so that they can live an easy life, regardless of what is most likely true.

    People are very accustomed to deceiving themselves (overtly lying to themselves) and blaming others if they are proven wrong. People intentionally try to believe in a system of knowledge that is too broad for them to understand, and then attribute their well-being to that body of knowledge, rather than think for themselves.

    Standing before God, do you really think that blaming your religious leader for misleading you will absolve your sins? God gave you the Ten Commandments, what allows anyone from defying those laws? If a religious leader told you to steal food from your mother to feed himself, would you? When you commit a sin based upon the teachings of a supposed religious leader, you are feeding your soul to that demon incarnate.

    I believe in God and the Ten Commandments, but I am not Christian because I do NOT believe that Jesus is a god. To be Christian, you MUST believe Jesus is a god or you are closer to being Jewish.

    So to chime in, how can an intelligent and reasonable person believe that the contradictions present in the Bible are insignificant? These writings you see before you were inspired by God, or they would not have been written. The Bible can not claim uniqueness in having been inspired by God.

    Just because you want something to be true, doesn’t make it any less false.

    So where is the sense in believing in the Bible over the Ten Commandments?

    Even many devout Christians don’t believe in the teachings of God. The Ten Commandments are the ONLY words directly written by God. The Torah, Bible, and Qur’an are the works of men, not God. The Ten Commandments clearly state, “Thou shalt not revere any idol before me”. The Christians, Jews, and Muslims all revere the Torah, Bible, and Qur’an before the “Ten Commandments”. “Thou shalt not kill” is very direct and very clear. Yet men write in these works that there are exceptions to the words that God gave them, like God didn’t know what it was doing in writing the Ten Commandments. People respect the words of men before they revere the works of God. Men preach that they better understand the works of God, more than others. They proclaim to be inspired by God. What portion of “Thou shalt not speak in thy name” escapes such an enlightened person?

    There have been more than a few mass murderers who have claimed to have been inspired by God. Is being inspired a legitimate reason to force others to bend to your will? Religious leaders have no legitimate tool to allow deciples to take into consideration the far reaching consequences of their actions.

    “The Demonic Con”

    Basic Tenets of the Con:

    Provide enough detail (whether true or not), and you can convince almost anyone that almost anything is true, even when it is false.

    Confuse logical arguments so that false statements appear to be true.

    So it comes back again; How do you know a certain idea came from God, if the Bible has entries that contradict itself, and therefore potentially has entries of demonic influence?

    The Devil is more intelligent than all of mankind.

    Could the Bible itself be a demonic work to lead the desciples of God away from the Ten Commandments (the only works ever directly given to mankind from God)?

    • michael says:

      I wonder if you have read the Bible if you say the stories there are vague. Plenty of details I can read.

      I think the Qu’ran and the Bible are very different in style, message and authority.

      The existence of dinosaurs don’t contradict the Bible – the Bible actually talks about them – for example, in the book of Job, speaking of Leviathan and Behemoth and the like. The Loch Ness monster is a dinosaur and dinosaurs have been found in remote parts of Africa even within the last 100 years it seems.

      Your post is just loaded with unproven assumptions. You say the Bible could be demonic but the Ten Commandments are right.

      What makes you believe they are right? Personal preference?

      But if they are right as you say, tell me: have you kept them consistently?

      If not, I think you need a Saviour. The rest of the Bible might be very useful to you then, in finding out the Saviour God provided.

  2. michael says:

    Well God says the biggest thing is to know Him – bigger than wealth, strength or natural wisdom. Even after seeking God we may still make mistakes but we can get better at knowing the will of God.

    The first thing is to do the things God has already revealed. Then God will reveal what we do not yet know.

    If you have peace about a course of action which does not contradict the Word of God, and if you have really prayed and surrendered your will to God on the issue, then you can be confident that God will be with you as you take steps in that direction.

    So have a prayer life, a life in the Word. Then if you can operate in peace, take steps to look into emigration. If you don’t feel right somewhere in your heart while doing these things, go back to prayer. Ask God to reveal to you not just where you should live, but what your assignment from Him actually is. Once you know that, it would be easier to know where to be.

    Commit your ways to the Lord and your thoughts will be established.

    • Han1977 says:

      I’m trying to start praying every day. Sometimes I can keep my schedule to pray at night, sometimes I failed. But I try to pray every day. The problem I face during this is that sometimes my mind is full with so many ideas that I don’t know how to pray or what to pray.

      My father is Buddhist and I want to be able to bring him to Jesus. My mother and brother both believe in Jesus but most of the times it seems for me that there is no joy in their life, specially my brother he seems having no real faith, sometimes he seems goes toward islam and then back to Jesus. he had psychological problem and have to drink drugs every day to keep him calm (he said that he heard voices that drive him mad.). I really want to cry if I remember how he was when I was a child. The difference is so huge.

      So I want to pray for them to.

      And then my wife’s family have some problem in their family too.

      I’m not yet able to speak in tongue.

      so on, and so on. That sometimes I don’t know what to say or asked in my prayer.

      One of the worst thing I have to face is that so many doctrines in Christianity. I try to spend my time reading websites like yours trying to grow as a christian, but sometimes I found opposite teaching. Specially things like Holy Spirit Baptism, speak in tongue, etc. Personally I wish I can hear His voice, so I can just ask Him about things.

      Although I must admit that maybe I still have to fix lots of things in my life, after that day I began to see flaws in my life which I’m trying to fix it right now. Like I’m financially irresponsible, easily forget my promise to other, I’m not giving ten percent of my salary to God, tell a lie sometimes, lazzyness, spending hours just to play PS2, losing controls over things I said, etc. Before this I thought the only sin I do is about lust .

      Could you tell me how to pray? What should we do when our mind filled with so many things that it become hard to focus our mind to God? How do we know that things we asked is appropriate?

      Sometimes I’m ashamed at the number things I asked from God, I mean being saved is actually more than enough. And sometimes I’m having this doubt is it right to pray and asked the same thing over and over, every day. I mean isn’t that we have to believe that we’ll receive what we asked? So why asked the same thing? Or sometimes when I’m trying to asked something, this thought came that maybe this is part of God plan, why I should ask different things, ie : my father is ill right now he is 76 years old, so I pray for his health but then thinking maybe this is just a way so he can accept Jesus. I know some of my questions must be seems so foolish for you. But indeed this questions come to my mind.

      I have pray for God’s worker come and introduce Jesus to my father, last week when we visit my parents, my mother told me that several days ago a preacher came and asked my father will he like to know Jesus, but he refuse. Sometimes I wonder how I can introduce Jesus to my father, everytime I meet him, I could not find a word to say about Jesus. Sometimes I try but the conversation didn’t bring me anywhere. I pray to God to put is word in me so I can bring my father to Him.

      Sorry I’m rambling. So my question is about how to pray.

      • michael says:

        Hi Han, I wrote some teaching over at
        which may be helpful for you.

        The first thing is to appreciate the value of time. One day a man walking by a lake at night picked up a bag of stones and as he walked along he threw them one by one into the water . But when daylight came to his surprise he found that the stones he was throwing away into the lake were precious jewels of great value.

        He realised he could not retrieve what had been lost, but resolved to use the remaining few stones profitably.

        So it is with many. We spend our time on so many things like video games not realising the value of time. Each hour in this life will affect the quality of our eternal existence. There are different degrees of reward in heaven, different degrees of punishment in hell.

        What is also important is focus. If you want something badly enough, you go after it with all your strength. If you seek the Lord with all your heart you will find him. I suggest fasting one day, drinking only water, and writing down a list of everything your conscience tells you to do, and that which it seems the Holy Spirit is impressing on you. Then wait on God for the grace to do it, and do it with his strength.

        Your father needs to see the love of Christ in you, the power of Christ in you. People are being lost many times because we as believers neglect to do what God has shown will make a difference. Don’t let that happen to your father.

        • Thanks Michael, I’ll try my best.

          I’m stop playing PS2 now (its been about 3 days now), although sometimes I’m tempted to play again, I mean sometimes its harder ro resist something that doesn’t seem so dangerous. But I realized when I play it took hours and hours, taking time that I could spend for better purpose.

          Funny I can play PS2 till morning easily. But I have to fight hard to pray for hours.

          I’ll read that article, and thanks for your support it means a lot.

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