House of God (purpose)

There is nothing to compare to a Spirit filled church service, One that most everyone is in one mind an accord. When people use to term “just a building” its not true, God’s house is only for worship and recieving closer and deeper places with him,that we may be stronger for the battle ahead. Sure we can get into our prayer closet and we must also to be strong,but to see harmony in a church is a great thing. We miss out on much today,because of the slackness to respecting God’s house,I have stated this before in another post, but it is a thing close to my heart, I ponder often now to start another church, I did 11 years ago and handed it over to a preacher,and influieced another in another town. I go often now to a church,yet I am not at home there, The people are nice,but their alters are steps and traffic is high on them,even during people praying, others giving candy to the children in the sancuary. the 15 minute prayer is very popular, anyone today seeking God at the alter only gives God 15 minutes to do all they need or else his time is up. I believe when we need from God,and want to give ourselves a living sacrifice to God,it takes more than 15 minutes. why we settle for 3 dollars worth of gas for a long trip,when we can get a full tank. It just requires more effort on our part but we get father,last longer,and less distractions along the way. well my 2 cents worth anyway, Wonder what would happen if 10 people would go to their church 1 hour early and pray,and keep praying through the whole service,and did this every service for a month, I don’t know but I would like to find that 10, just rattling on today, God bless everyone

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