House Church members beaten by Hindu Extremists in Bangalore

JAKKUR, BANGALORE, INDIA :– A group of 50 Hindu extremists attacked a church that was meeting in a home in Bangalore, India, on Sunday, August 19.

There 30 worshippers in the house church when the thugs burst in and beat up some of the congregation who come from different language groups including Keralites, Tamilian’s and Kannada’s.

This incident took place on 11:30 AM as members as this branch church of the Indian Pentecostal Church of God were meeting. The attackers rushed inside the house, locked up all the doors and bolted them. Then they started to beat up four members and then chased all the people away.

After coming out of the house, the members of the church gathered in another house and the attackers again attacked them and chased them away from that place.

Talking to ANS, Thomas Koshy, the pastor said, “On Saturday these attackers had warned us not to conduct worship service on Sunday. Even a week before, these people had attacked our meeting but nothing extreme took place, but this time they made it severe.”

A member of the church lodged a complaint against these miscreants and requested local police to take action to arrest them.

The owner of the room where the usual worship services were being held has asked the pastor to vacate his room at the earliest.

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