Host stats

// print $sql2.”
$rec2 = db_query($sql2);
$obj2 = db_fetch_object($rec2);
// print $obj2->name.’
if (!$obj2->name) $obj2->name = ‘Anon’;
print $obj->hostname.’, ‘.$obj2->name.’ – ‘.$obj->hosthits.’
// $list[] = l($obj2->name.’ ‘.$obj->userhits, //’user/’.$obj->uid, array(), NULL, NULL, FALSE, TRUE);
$totalhits += $obj->hosthits;
// print theme(“item_list”, $list);
print “Total hits: “.$totalhits;

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Michael is the founder of Christian faith dot come, a site about Jesus. He came to save the lost. Bible teaching, Testimonies, Salvation, Prayer, Faith, Networking.

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