-Romans 1:26-27:”For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet”.

The current rave of homosexuality in the world and amongst those who claim to be “Christians”should be of great concern to us as true Christians.The Bible clearly condemns this act as being “against nature”(Romans1:26)and rightfully so.Even in the animal world it is natural for opposites to attract.Even dogs who are known for their licentious sexuality do not mate members of the same sex.Even nature portrays the laws of opposites attracting:The opposite sides of magnets attract and the same sides repel.The two opposite sides of a wire (positive and negative)merge together to produce current, the same sides cannot produce current.A negatively charged ion of an element needs a positively charged ion of another element to form a “balanced” compound.A female needs a male to produce a child.Members of the same sex cannot produce offspring.
The Bible says in the book of Jude:7 that one of the reasons Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed by God was because they went after “strange flesh”(going against the natural law of opposites).Gods word also says in Lev18:22:”You(a man) shall not lie with mankind as with womankind it is abomination”. So Gods standards on homosexuality are very clear.We have no excuse trying to justify it.

Some of the proponents of this abominable lifestyle claim they were born that way and have no choice but to be that way.We were all born sinners but God doesn’t expect us to remain sinners because its our nature to sin(eph 2:3,Romans 6:1-2)He is very much aware that we have a lawless and fallen nature and hence cannot obey his righteous commandments(Jer 13:23)That’s why he sent his son into this fallen world to die for our sins so that anyone who accepts his son in his heart would receive the power to become his son(john 1:12)and would receive the power to obey his righteous requirements.So claiming that they are justified as Gods followers to be “gay”because it is their nature is absolute nonsense and rebellion because they can clearly see in his word he has never and will never condone such lawlessness.(Eze 12:2)and has provided a way to overcome this satanic lifestyle.
These lawless rebels use Bible verses like John 3:16,matt7:1 and john 13:35 to try to get support and sympathy from other Christians who do not condone their lawless lifestyles.They say that God is love and that he loves them as they are and that the same God commanded us to “love them”and not judge them.They are just like their father the devil who seeks to twist the word of God to his own Profit (Matt 4:6,2 cor 11:14,2 pet 3:16)

God loves the sinner but hates sin.If all the world needed was “love” and “tolerance”God wouldnt have bothered sending his son to die for our sins in order to change us to be like him( 2 cor5:17 Romans 12:2)He would have just enjoined us to love and accept each other for who we were(sinners)and be tolerant of our lawless behaviors.He would have also just “loved” the sodomites and allowed them to continue in their godless lifestyles.How can a loving God see his own children perishing in hell and leave them in that state because “its their nature” being that way?How many of us would see our kids playing with a poisonous snake and leave them alone because they enjoyed playing with it?We cant claim to love people by letting them live in a destructive way. We have to tell them the truth.(Thats why God sent the two”angels” into Sodom to warn the sodomites before He destroyed them)

Also, its is our responsibility to judge them based on Gods word(1 cor 5:12-13,2 cor 10:6)The truth is very clear and we are the truth bearers in the world(Matt5:14,Eze 33:7 matt 28:19)

When Humanity willingly continues in sin when They can clearly see the truth in Gods word that God has never and will never condone this antichrist lifestyle,They are implying that They have no regards for His laws,that they are a law unto themselves(are not answerable to God) and hence will face his indignation(Heb 10:28-29).

The Bible says in Psalms 11:5:”The Lord trieth the righteous but the wicked and him who loves violence his soul hates”The psalmist also said in Psalm 139:21-22:Do not i hate those that hate thee?….I hate them with “perfect”hatred,I count them my enemies.When we willingly continue to sin after we have received the knowledge of the truth and have utter disdain for God and his commandments,He becomes our enemy because We
have no regard for him.(Prov 1:24-26)

Also,When God was cursing the serpent in Gen 3:14-15, He said unto him :I will create an enmity between You and the woman(heavenly Jerusalem) and between Your seed(the world)and her seed(the church).The seed of satan and the seed of God have an eternal hatred for each other.That’s why the Bible says in John 15:19 That if You(the church)were of the world the world will love its own but because You are not of the world but I(Jesus) have chosen You out of the world,Therefore the world hates You”.

The church will never condone the lawlessness of satans system they will disdain it and refuse to conform to it.They will constantly seek to liberate “ignorant souls” in the world from their lawless ways because they love them and do not want them to perish.Once these ignorant souls reject the godly counsel that is given to them they will be damned(acts 13:46,Mark16:16,Matt3:10.) Also, the world(unless it repents)will never submit to or condone Gods commandments(1 cor 2:14,John 3:20)because they despise Gods standards and want to discover themselves(prov 18:2)
Those who love God keep his commandments(1 john 2:4,5:2)If we claim that we love God, we will reverence Him and by the Power of his Holy spirit we will seek to be more like Him and less like our fallen man.We have no excuse that justifies us to continue in our sinful ways(Romans 1:20)The truth is very clear in Gods word.Repent or perish You lawless ones.

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