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many years ago,I was asked by a man to fix his car on Sunday,I told him,I’d rather not,maybe monday,and he got a little angry with me and he called me holy roller.well I guess I am, I believe God,period! used to didn’t,but I was convinced by God,who saved me. anyway,I believe in praying until and not accepting anything short of a real move of the Holy Ghost. It bothers me,when some say ask and believe you recieve and forget it. 5 years later its still forgotten. My grand kids have cystic fibrosis,one is 12 the other is 7,their lungs are deteriorating every day.Most cases stay weeks in the hospital with picklines and high powered antibiotics pumped in their blood,to get their lungs cleared for a little while,and then back later to do it all over again. I told a friend this,and so I say it here also,the oldest when he was 1 day old,had his intestons taken out and cleaned,they cut him across his little stomach almost in half.he died twice, I have only ever heard of 1 that God completely healed,most die before 30,I write this for a testimony to come,not only will I hear of not one,but of two more,in my lifetime,because I believe God.!! when this happens I will post it here. For this kind of faith only comes by prayer and fasting,a 15 minute prayer won;t due. People who need God to do things in their life,must seek God until he is found. There is a big gap in the church world in tarry before the Lord practices, I pray all who read this will increase their time with God,and find a miracle in their path so big,they grow leaps and bounds in faith. Nothing is to hard for God,if we only believe.

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  1. edna.miller says:

    • lookingforhope2011 says:

      Not sure what you are referring to as to which post your replying on. But the lion im referring to were the ones in the pit that Daniel was thrown into?

      • edna.miller says:

        sorry if it offended, it wont happen again

        • childofjesus says:

          By reading your post, i understand that you believe in the Sovereign Lord and i guess you are also aware of the tactics of the enemy, however in your profile you have mentioned in the tab ‘What I Have’ – ‘retired cult member’, so i want to know what does that mean ? If you can also give us a chance to know you..

  2. lookingforhope2011 says:

    To have faith that moves mountains, comes from being in lions den and trusting God to shut the mouth of the lion!

    • edna.miller says:

      Are you referring to, The Lion of Judah or computer mouse that roared?

      Did you see the lion the witch and the wardrobe? How about Tarzan! Do you know Jesus is the Lion of Judah? Did you know the Lion (Jesus) will lay down his life for the lamb and will lay down with the lamb! It’s in the bible. My point is that we can learn not only from the bible, but even gain wisdom from some movies and even cartoons! The Lion Roared Loud, very loud in the Lion, Witch and Wardrobe. He did it to warn the witch not to trespass and that harming the children is not something you want to do! Tarzan would swing from tree to tree, like Spanky the Monkey, but avoided The LION KING of the Jungle…because he knew, just like the devil knows…a battle might be won and even take a deceived soul with him…he also knows the final outcome of the war is certain and the King, the Lion, the Righteous will prevail aka WIN. Then they live in peace, harmony, freedom, love, selflessness and generosity…where the “King” sees others and treats others better than himself. (Side-Note about giving and recieving: Recently I heard a lady say something about her “wonderful husband”. I only know this lady as Sara’s Mom, and she said, “Just call me” ‘Mom’. It seemed a little weird ‘calling her Mom’ since she wasnt ‘really’ my Mom, but I called her Mom anyway since she suggested it. I don’t know her real reason…if she knew it would be weird, was ‘mocking’ or maybe actually being selfless thinking it was something that I wanted/needed. It was comforting and I guess in the right informal moment not in public too wierd, but In private like that, it is was nice, heart-warming and I have never ‘really’ had someone treat me that way, like their own child, weird maybe, but appreciated.) Sorry for the diversion…I was daydreaming I guess. Anyway, she Mom was bragging about how her wonderful husband was a dream, because he was constantly saying, “I will do anything for you and give you everything you want…just ask”! It was touching and moving. It made me think of how, if i I was a her husband and had a wife like her, I would do the same and ,baby her, all ,she wanted.

      The King, The LION does not negotiate or entertain evil in search of good…IMPOSSIBLE! Jesus the Lion of Judah is a strong powerful God that is also known as The Word! The Word is Sharper than any Two Edged Sword that divides soul and spirit. Meaning he cuts sharply through dividing the good from the bad and does so with no apologies and VERY LOUDLY FOR ALL TO HEAR FRIEND AND FOE. This is because he knows that no weapon of man shall overcome the “truly righteous” in Christ. Tools of satan or man or woman may thump their chests and pre-maturely declare victory over Gods Chidren but that is a grave, mistake. NO weapon formed against them shall prosper. STANDING FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS, as opposed to getting in the mud with the devil or she-devil, will always prevail! You can trust in your own ways and strategies of the world which have failed ufb repeatedly or for once be a victor rather than a loser. This is not a game, but about real covenant here on earth and eternal in heaven. Real consequences for both are at stake.
      We all have to make choices and decisions, hard ones I know, but when it comes to God and if you hear what you know to be his voice calling out to you – trust your heart not your head and don’t be fooled by the devil. You know the truth! Who truly loves YOU….God or the devil?

    • Holyroller_11 says:

      I stated in my post I would testify of this, What will 1 hour of prayer,three times a day get you ? my grand kids went for their check up today at the C.F,doctors, Chandler the youngest,(8) took his breathing test,its a great thing for him to reach 90,usually in high 70s or 80s. which is the normal for C.F and get worst every year. he hit 102 today and shocking many.God has done the impossible again!!!!!! Dylan (14) hit 79,and for him is good,but 1 more miracle is expected shortly. God is not slack concerning his promises,what he does for others,he will do for you!!!!! by the way C.F is incurable they say,but not in my family !!!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also the scale is from 0—100.Dylan is next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise God ! When people put away the nonsense and seek God,ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE !!

      • Timothy Luke says:

        What is C.F.? Glad to hear the testimony! God is faithful!

        • Holyroller_11 says:

          Cystic fibrosious,a ternimal illness,kids life expected to be in 30s,lungs deteriorate,intestions fail,breathing at best 70 and 80 percent ,they often have pick lines in their heart for powerful antibiodics,TERMINAL,disabled from birth. the oldest died twice on his first day of life,they had to cut him across his stomach almost half into ,removed his intestions and freed them from being totally stopped up,every day put on machines,and breathing treatments 2 and 3 times a day,drugs everyday to break down their food in the digestive system to keep the intestions working. the doctors today ,all they could keep saying WOW,and the nurses saying WOW,they usually get exrays checking on how much lung damage,every time,anywhere from 1 month to 3 months at best,today they said no need for x rays,the scale is 0 to 100,Chanler hit 102,an impossible task,he barely hits 70 most of the time then they want to put him in the hospital for 10 days.the size of this miracle can only be matched with raising the dead,the greater miracle will be soon when the brother Dylan recieves the same !!

      • Captainmathew says:

        Let’s thank God for the marvelous wonders he did on Chandler and let us pray more intensively for the cause of Dylan! Amen!
        God Bless!!!!

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