Holy blood holy grail..debunked.

In 1982, Michael Beigent published the book “holy blood, holy grail”. It is the story of how the author came across a mysterious secret whilst on holiday in France.

The mystery surrounded a priest by the name of Saunier who happened to stumble upon some documents hidden in his church.
Saunier took the documents to Paris to have them examined but refused to speak further about what they contained.
Although never disclosing the source of his wealth he lived out the rest of his life in complete luxury

Michael Beigent, became interested in the story and after years of incredibly detailed research, came to this shocking conclusion.

Jesus did not die on the cross!

Detailed evidence attempts to prove that Jesus actually married Mary Magdalene, had children and died of old age in France.

The book claims that His blood line has continued through out the centuries and is protected by a highly secretive and hugely influential organisation known as the priory of Zion, said to have been established by the knight’s templar and naming Nostrodamus and Leonardo de Vinci as one time grand masters.

The work became an international best-seller and spawned a whole host of works based on a similar theme, the most notable being Martin Scorsese’s “Last temptation of Christ” and of course, the blockbuster “The Da Vinci code” by Dan Brown.

The message of this book proved to be so highly influential that we now have a whole generation of people who really believe it.

Let us examine the truth now.

It may come as no surprise to learn that Michael Beigent is a freemason, reported to be a member of the prestigious Quatuor Coronati lodge which is dedicated to researching Masonic history. He is also currently serving as editor of “freemasonry today”.

Although a lot of the research in the book is based upon the QC lodges genuine studies, the merging of Jesus life with Arthurian grail legend is a deliberate attempt to reduce the deity of Christ to a human level.

The book tries to nullify the significance of the Holy Blood of Jesus. Instead, attempting to place the importance upon His ancestors, this is nonsense of course.

The reason for the Son of God appearing in the flesh was for the very purpose of becoming a holy sacrifice for the sins of humanity.

No amount of spin or deception can ever reduce the impact of the blood of the Lamb upon the lives of men.
It is that blood which enables Christians to approach the throne of God with confidence
The research which supposedly points to this blasphemous conclusion is in reality, the story of how the templars acquired the secret knowledge of the kabbalah. It is a sneaky twist which, in keeping with the goals of illuminised freemasonry, attempts to further invalidate the basic foundations of the Christian faith.

It is noteworthy that the high standard of conduct espoused by freemasonry does not preclude the deliberate deception of millions of people.

from Romans 1:25

The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness,

The Lord will deal with these people. Make no mistake about it.

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