Holding on with the promise long been foretold

I really like this site because here I can say all the things that I wanted to say. I think I am so blessed that God has bestowed graces and gifts upon me. I am very much thankful to him because he always protects me and I can really feel that he loves me so much. The moment I accepted Him into my life He told me that I am His Princess and no man will ever claim me unless he ask Him for my hands, and I believed Him saying that. Now I am so happy that He preserved me, He made me pure, clean and he Love me. I am so much happier now that He has also fulfilled His promise to me. A promise long been foretold.

Years ago He promised me that a man will come who will love me and respect me. Of course He did not literally say those things, He used text, people around me,and in my dreams, and some other means which I believe He who is telling me. Then I promised Him one thing, I promised Him that I will never surrender my purity unless that man will come to me and ask Him for my hand. Time came that I was so impatient and was very much wanted to have a boyfriend because of emptiness that i felt with those years. I dated few guys and started to get to know them, but then God wants to stick with His plans for me. I never felt that I was being loved and respect with the Guys I had dated. I felt the pain and ask God why can’t I found that man He had promised. He told me to be patient through my daily chart. Almost every day I consult my chart for me to know what God wants me to do and almost everyday he keep on telling me to be patient. Then I got my patience back. yet still, I tried to find that man myself, and I was never happy with the guys I am dating with. One of those guys became my boyfriend .I thought I had already found that promise long been foretold, but I was wrong. He never showed me love and respect, he keeps on asking for my honor, he said he love me and having sex is the only way he knows to keep a strong relationship. I was alarmed with what he said and remembered my promise to the Lord. And God never left me, He gave me the gift of knowing whats right and whats wrong,and in exchange with that, the guy left me. I was so hurt because I also do love him but i also did understand that its time to let go and its worth it. Two years after and just three months ago I dreamed of a man who is very very tired looking for me. When I woke up, God told me that His promise is already near. Then happiness I felt. two months ago, I met this guy and he became a very good friend. He’s from another City which is far from ours. He came here just to study a foreign language which I am also studying. We went to the same school and we became classmates for our last three weeks of learning. There we became good friends. The time I felt that he is into me, I backed off for a reason that I wouldn’t want to fall for him because he’s from another town and sooner or later he will be going back there. But he is so eager with what he wants to do, he took me to dinner almost every day, he accompanies me with whatever i have to do, he picks me up from home to school, he showed me care. With that little moments and much effort he showed me,I felt like I’m starting to like him. I prayed and prayed and ask God what he wants me to do. I asked him to tell me who this man is and let me know if this is the man he promised me to have. Days after, God introduced this man to me. God reminded me of the things I have been asking Him a long long time ago. Then I remembered that I did asked Him to give me a man who has His heart,a man who loves Him more than he will do for me, a man whom I can be proud of and who can be proud of me. Then I realized that this is the man I’ve been waiting for a long long time, a promise long been foretold. God, I was so happy. Then I felt His presence that very day. Then I made a very big and risky decision in my life. I said even though sooner or later this man will go back to his town, I will be willing to wait for him until the day that we will be together again. I will love him as what God commanded me to do and will hold onto him whatever it takes.

Our class ended. We both passed and graduated

August 4, 2009, We became partners, I gave him all my love and care and hugged him so tight just to show him that I will never ever regret my decision of accepting him in my life. I felt his love that I’ve been wanting so long ago. I cried and thank God that He came that very day for us and was in between us. I felt like God is very happy for us. I asked Him to help us keep this love inside our hearts where He dwells and holds us. Every time we had our conversation with my boyfriend, It’s just so amazing that we never forget to mention God, I told my love that everyday I thank God for this happiness and told him that he is a gift from above. I felt love again, and every single day I feel love and happiness. He respects me, he said he can’t take away my honor from me because he loves me so much.Then I felt love again.

September 5, 2009 is the day that he must leave. He went back to his town because there’s no job for him here in our place. It was so sad But i accepted it. I was never afraid that he will leave because I trusted God so much. I know that He will keep our hearts together no matter how far we are. now that he is so far away and we don’t have any idea when we will be together again, God I prayed that he will always love me near or far, although we sometimes have this misunderstandings, Lord I pray that You will keep on holding us together. It is so hard to have this situation but Lord I know You will always be here for both of us. that love will always dwell in us near or far. And this love will always remind me to HOLD ON WITH THE PROMISE LONG BEEN FORETOLD.

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  1. PrincesVan says:

    I forgot how to post Blogs….

  2. Timothy Luke says:

    PrincesVan, I really appreciate what you have shared here about holding your honor. In asking about the zodiac, I was just seeking to look out for you. I see others have expressed their concerns for your Bible box., and while I may share the concern, I want you to know that God loves you and we love you. God speaks to us in various ways at times. I can understand the system you put in place, and that you worked out a plan with the Lord for Him to speak to you that way. I have done similar things in that past. At present, there are still times when I may ask God to guide my eyes to whatever place in the Bible He may wish to speak to me through. Many times He has answered me that way, other times not. But, in all things, I know there is a better way.

    Paul says, “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” As we mature in our Christian walk, God will show you a better way and will meet you in your Bible reading and prayer more meaningfully and in a broader range of topics.

    You have an amazing heart in your love and respect for yourself as God sees you. I congratulate you on setting and maintaining the boundaries of your honor and purity before marriage. In this you show a strength of character and obedience that I greatly admire. Also, the notion of honor is pretty much a lost notion in society today, but keeping oneself pure is indeed holding onto one’s honor. It is a precious thing to be given only in marriage. You will reap many blessings and much peace for your faithfulness in this, and I am happy for you because of it.

    Thank you for sharing your testimony of this. May it inspire other young ladies to not give away what is so precious! God bless you dear sister.

    • PrincesVan says:

      thank you for that comment sir Timothy Luke, I’m glad you appreciated what I shared. I’m just proud of it and I want the world to know how much I love God. Thank you so much.

  3. warrior daughter says:

    Your dependance is on the chart and not on what the Bible says…God will clearly speak to you through His Word and you will discover new things daily whereas you are stuck on a chart that contains some Bible verses…You are being restricted through the chart and God has a much bigger plan than this chart….
    The little routine that you use before you seek the words remind me of a ritual that clairvoyants use like tap 3 times and then speak ; this routine must be stopped…

  4. Sister

    it is great to see that the Lord is moving in your life, I am sure he shall continue to do so. I am just trying to say that I don’t understand your method of divine guidance and that the scriptures do not seem to encourage it. closing your eyes, turning 3 times and pointing seems like a little ritual. How would you know for certain if what you pointed at, is indeed what the Lord is saying to you. Why not just simply ask the Holy Spirit to guide you each day.

    • its just my way of understanding Gods guidance. I know its a childish thing to do but it keeps me moving and trusting Him. I never forget to ask the Holy spirit for guidance. Its just how I see Gods message, because i believe that everything around me as long as it keeps my Faith, its God Himself.

  5. Timothy Luke says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart and your faithfulness. God is faithful and He will bless you beyond your dreams.

    I wanted to ask you about something you shared, if I may. When you mentioned, “He told me to be patient through my daily chart. Almost every day I consult my chart for me to know what God wants me to do and almost everyday he keep on telling me to be patient.” Is this a zodiac chart?

    I ask because I care about you and do not want the devil setting you up for disappointment. While it is true that God created all the constellations that are in the zodiac. He did not assign any powers to the stars over your life based upon when you were born.

    • no its not a zodiac chart don’t worry. Its a piece of cardboard i bought years ago and placed it on the wall in my room. It is where advices and bible verses where written inside a box, and every morning I stand in front of it, close my eyes, turn three times and point into it and see what God wants me to do for a certain day.

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