Hindu Atrocities against Christians in India

In the past, Hinduism had a reputation for being a peaceful, tolerant religion. Well, all that has changed now that fundamental Hindus once again are forming mobs, killing Christians, burning their homes and churches, and sending thousands for their lives into the forest.

Its happening at the time of writing especially in Orissa state, India. There is also government backed state sponsored violence against Christians in Karnataka, even in Bangalore city.

You can read about it at this website about persecution of Christians in India.

The police are generally fully supportive of those fanatical Hindus who wish to force Christians to convert to Hinduism. And they are doing their best.

People have been burned alive, pastors have been dragged away in the middle of the night to jail without a trial, nuns have been raped.

Hindus should realize that God is not mocked. Whatever a man sows, that he will reap. Even their own laws of karma should teach them not to be so full of hatred, murder and injustice.

Is it possible that Hindus in India will reap the violence they are sowing, but at the hands of Muslims? Muslims have no qualms about using physical force in defense of their religion.

We had better pray that all this stops, or India could go up in smoke. Pray for the followers of Christ who are being mercilessly beaten, denied civil rights and sometimes even murdered. Is this kind of behaviour the best argument the cowardly Hindu mobs can come up with for their “gods?” We know that Hindus are not our real enemies, they are just moved along by evil spirits to do the things they do in cases like this.

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