High Total Blood Count and CLL

I am suffering from Chronic Lympomatic Lukemia. Initially in 2008 I was diagnosed with high Total count of 33000 when I was pregnant. Me and my husband consulted various doctors and conducted various scans . At that time Doctors advised that this high total count could be because of Pregnancy. And after delivering my child my count became normal and was 13000.

I was happy. But again in December 2009 my total count suddenly increased to 35000. We consulted an Oncologist and he told me that there was no medicine at this stage and I could continue living like this with High Count. So we were reassured. In April 2010 I did another blood test and my count has only 15000. But in May 2010 we moved to a new location at KERA 58, Kothakulangara, Angamaly 683572. After living here for a month I had severe fever and body pain and my count suddenly became 84000. ‘

When we moved to this new place I assumed that I had conceived. In our immediate neighbourhood a childless couple by the name of BEENA and Phoenix Live. They are very fond of my child. I used to discuss my next pregnancy frankly with BEENA. She is a Muslim and Phoenix is a Christian. I had a sudden spotaneous abortion and the very next week BEENA Conceived.

Since the increase in Count my husband is very anxious. Now in September 2011 I was diagnosed with CLL(Chronic Lymphmatic Luekemia). Me and and husband along with our only child had to run to varous doctors and conduct all sorts of scans. Not only is this Financially Burdening but Physically exhausting for me and my Husband. He is not able to concentrate on his business and we have accumulated good amount of Debt now.

Now we quarrel a lot with each other and the child also cries inconsolably all the time. The situation in our house is explosive at times. I get angry all the time with the Child and shout at my Husband even if there is no fault of his. My Husband also looses his temper and all this is not helping cure my disease. I am on Leukeran ( Tablets to Cure this Disease).

My Husband is a bit of an introvert and rarely takes the child on a stroll. The other day he did try to take the child out in the evening. At that time the Neighbour on top arrived with his family and he was surprised to find my Husband mingling with my Child. After his Family members alighted he came near my Husband and almost intimidated him. He then went away taking his car. And the very next day me and my husband had a very violent fight. It was about the side effects of taking this medicine. I wanted to consult a General Physician and my Husband was against it because he feels that my tendency to take medicines at the slightest fever has led to this situation.

Now we are contemplating divorce and the future of our only child is in the hands of God. I dont know what kind of evil force has gone inside of me. I feel extremely volatile inside me all the time. Please cast away all the evils inside me and our family. We are planning to move to a new house because we feel that there is something evil about this house. There are some stains of blood (Brown Color) on the walls in the Bedroom.However we had sprinkled holy water in it when we came to stay here. But now we feel that there is indeed some evil in our lives.

Please remove all evils from our lives and purify us. We pray a lot and believe only in the Jesus Christ. Please come to our rescue and remove all evils, curses and Bondages.

We wish to donate some money to your website. Please advise us how to make dontation.

Yours sincerely.

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