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Dear brothers and sisters,

My name is Andrew. I am new here. I’m asking for prayer too, since I’ve been demon oppressesed. I was delivered once (testimony on the site) but demons try to go back, like it says in Matthew. Please pray for me that I’ll be delivered completely from demons and that God shows me His love, and that He doesn’t let me and my loved ones be harmed. Thank you.


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  1. I’ve had some more demonic activity, but comfort from God increased.

    Please pray. Also, I’ve felt my heart hardening. I don’t know the cause, but please pray for me, that I might have a righteous heart without having to suffer or be hurt or anything like that, and without anything bad happening to me and my loved ones.

    Also, please pray I stop sinning without anything bad or hurting happening to us.

    Praise God for His mercy and hearing prayers.

  2. I’ve experienced answered prayer by God, and it’s really great. I thank God for showing me love, and using me.

    I still am harrassed by demons, and I have some problems with sin. I don’t want to sin at all. Please pray I stop sinning without it hurting and without anything evil or anything bad happen to me or my loved ones.

    While demons try to condemn me and give me all sorts of suicidal or sinful thoughts, I still by God’s grace resist. God’s helping me resist.

    Thanks to all of you for praying for me, it means a lot, and I hope you’re all safe and holy.

    Please pray God delivers me from sin and demons without anything bad or anything evil happening to us.

    Hope you’re all safe.


  3. newlight says:

    I do not doubt you my friend, I am suspecting that demonic influence is more common than people know. Only recently I watch something on the telivision about a small girl less than 10 years old with a very bad eating disorder. When asked by a professional why she wasn’t eating she said she didn’t want to eat as she wanted to basically starve herself to death as she hated herself. These are not normal thoughts for an innocent 10 year old girl and was a very sad thing for me to watch. I think demonic influence will pray on existing dependancy’s or sins and make you go out of control with them. These are just my thoughts and i do not claim that it is all true. Keep the faith my friend as it is the only defense against demonic influence. God bless you, without jesus and god on our side unless our willpower is extremely strong we have no chance to avoid sins and temptations, even if you think you have gone well for a while things will eventually slip up unless you have faith.

  4. This is a very excitting web sight and I know you will be greatly blessed here.I used to battles with demons becauseI was a satanist and a psychic so I understand differnt kinds of demons and how differnt demons react to differnt things.Remember 2cor 10:4-5 live by those scriptures,breath them and meditate on them day and night.Ihave helped several hundred people becomefree and one thing I have learned its not about what I knowits what the person wanting to get healedis willing to know and do.Because some times people are healed through my prayer clothes but others need to meditate on certain scriptures.Have a blessed day Tim

  5. I will pray for you. You have within you, through God, what it takes to overcome the devil, for greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world. So fight the good fight! It is a good fight because you get to win it, see.

  6. bornagainbytheblood says:

    Andrew – are you having battles of the mind?

    • Depends what you mean by ‘battles of the mind’. If involuntary thoughts/images in the mind that go against God’s will and even against my self, then yes.

      • bornagainbytheblood says:

        Yes, the devil can feed your mind things contrary to God’s will; those are temptations. Worse yet, he can bombard your mind with awful thoughts until you feel like you’re helpless; those are battles of the mind that can be defeated by the blood of the Lamb. Use faith in the Spirit by chasing the devil away with Jesus’ blood. If you take your stand in faith, then the devil has to move — but you must continue to battle that old serpent. Don’t give up, and know that the devil will only let up for a season; be vigilant.

        1 Peter 5
        [8] Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:
        [9] Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.

        • What do you mean by ‘chasing them away with the blood of Jesus’? And yes, you’re right about the tempting thoughts.

          • bornagainbytheblood says:

            The battle is spiritual, and the name of Jesus, the Word of God and the blood of Jesus are our greatest weapons. We must use them against the devil’s kingdom by faith.

            Ephesians 6
            [12] For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
            [13] Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

          • Jam 4:7 Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

      • ptfarre2009 says:

        Hi Andrew,

        Here’s something you can do that is very concrete.

        The enemy very often uses openings in our lives that haven’t been closed up yet. He is, among many things, the supreme legalist; he will accuse and exploit any weakness he finds. He’s LOOKING for those weaknesses all the time. Thus I offer the following.

        If you’re doing a sin and it comes to mind that you are guilty of it, that conviction is God’s Spirit tapping you on the shoulder. It will be simple, clear and non-accusatory. It will be something like: “You’re sinning right now by doing thus-and-such, Andrew. That’s wrong.”

        By contrast, the enemy WON’T talk to you that way. Instead, he’ll indulge you in the sin and then attack. He’ll say, “You’re a cheap, rotten cowardly piece of garbage. Look at you. Look what you did. Look how worthless and cheap you are. And where’s that God of yours, anyway?” That’s not conviction but condemnation. That’s not what I mean.

        When conviction pops into your mind, obey it. Clearly and EXPLICITLY confess to God that you’ve sinned in thus-and-such and ask his forgiveness. Don’t white wash it; call it what it is. No excuses or justification; spit it out, confess it and agree it’s wrong. Then ask God to deliver you from it and recommit yourself at once to living free from it.

        If God then gives you some specific steps to take, do them. God is very simple this way; he’ll take you at your word and will expect you to take him at his. Whatever those steps might be (to include nothing – he sometimes just says, ‘go and sin no more’), be faithful and obey. They won’t be crazy or dangerous things, but probably very simple, practical, honest things. Again, God’s a pretty simple guy in this regard: stop the sin, start the obedience and don’t look back.

        This is really simple stuff. It’s also devastatingly effective. God is all about truthfulness. He himself is absolutely pure – there is no darkness in him at all. Take note, confession is simple, honest and to the point. It doesn’t make excuses. Don’t “confess” like this: “I hate so-and-so because he’s a rotten, filthy, dishonest human being who should be killed on sight.” Wrong. That is NOT confession and it won’t fly.

        After you confess (and you need to mean it), God may then tell you: “Go buy so-and-so something he needs very badly and give it to him anonymously.” Or he might say, “Call so-and-so up, admit you’ve been wrong in your whole attitude and that you are sorry for doing him wrong.” And, by the way, it might be something you do alone, or it might be something you enlist other people’s help with. It could even be bringing yourself under someone else’s accountability. But whatever it is, just obey it.

        Here’s what will happen. It will be like hitting the enemy in the face with a brick. It will knock him for a loop. You will suddenly experience a remarkable sensation of peace and release. You’ll next think: “Wow, what was I so worked up about? I didn’t need to hate so-and-so. I should pray for so-and-so. I hope so-and-so’s life improves. Maybe God will touch so-and-so.” You’ll wonder why and how you ever hated.

        Now I can tell you: the enemy won’t stop. You’re accurate there. He’ll try again. And when he does, you just keep on obeying. Whatever you do, DON’T make excuses for it and don’t call it something it isn’t. If it’s sin, call it sin.

        I personally think a lot of our battles are NOT rooted in the devil playing tricks on us which we then need to invoke the blood of Jesus over – it’s usually not that complicated. It’s usually rooted in disobedience and allowing the enemy a foothold. Certainly there are situations where we invoke the authority of the shed blood of Jesus in our prayers. But if you’re having thought problems, the real problem is most likely rooted in disobedience. Enemy spirits are often helpless until WE give them an opening. But watch out if you do.

        To use a blunt example, if you keep gawking at naked women, you’re going to have lust problems. Or, if you keep gambling, you’re going to have warped views of prosperity and end up very poor. Coveting is another one – stop longing for things you don’t have, and start being thankful for what you DO have instead – or you’ll have a serious greed/idolatry issue. (Greed is idolatry. Check out Colossians.)

        How then do people need deliverance if it’s all so simple? Why does a person struggle with thoughts and images flooding the mind? Because disobedience, if allowed to go for a long time, can become a huge stronghold of evil in a person’s life. Sin has addictive properties; it WILL take over. And then you’ll need some serious deliverance – along with a renewed commitment to live free from it. But why let it get that far?

        My two cents. Get practical and get obedient.

        • I’ll take your two cents! Really great advise! I know this ,but it is worth hearing often.(and applying to your life)
          Grace and Peace to You

        • God helped me a lot, and I thank Him for that. He’s shown me love and answered prayer, and even got me out of depression. I have some problems with sin, I’m praying for deliverance from those sins. Please pray for me, that I may be righteous. Also, I’ve been worrying for my loved ones, please pray that my loved ones and I may be safe, holy, and that nothing bad happens to us and that we may not do anything evil. Please pray, brothers and sisters, and I hope God blesses you with a good knowledge of His will and with righteousness and safety.

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