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I am a christian 17 year old girl since birth. I was raised in a holiness family. At 13 I went into a rebellious statem but never went too far becasue my parents were always watching and praying. But at that age I started to deal with feelings towards women and became Bisexual. I wanted to know where I can post this story of my Bisexuality and how I want to be free. I mean I believe I am already free from it ( I have never kisssed, had sex or anything with a female just thoughts. Where do I post it?

What do YOU think?



  1. I Will Keep you in my prayers, always remember to surrender to the Lord and pray…. God bless.

  2. Hey, with your topic of being Bisexual i can relate to… I know how hard it is to deal with being Bi…. I recently went and talked to my pastor about it and he game me some good information. One of the things that he said was that it was up to an individual to repent from the ways that the Lord does not want us to follow. He says it is our choice if we wish to change for the Lord but he also so said that if we dont change then the Lord would punish us. Read Romans Chapter 1, perferably the second half of the chapter which provides a good detailed description of what the Lord things of Bisexual. I hope this helps. Take care and God bless you sister.

    • Surrender your problems to GOD. Ask him to take control of your mind & thoughts and to rebuke the enemy from your mind for you because you are weak. GOD BLESS YOU!

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