Hi all!

I’ve contributed once or twice on this forum before, but I thought I’d take the time to introduce myself (given there’s a ‘Getting to Know You’ section!) and ask maybe one or two questions. I’m Richard, I’m from the north of England, 21 years old and unempolyed. I’ve sort of been a Christian nominally on and off most of my life, not sure I can recall a point when I made a decision to believe in and follow Christ once and for all, I’ve always struggled with doubt and sin a lot, and not been too sure I’ve really committed myself totally to God, but I know I ought to and it is my desire. I guess the time I spent at university has helped, I was quite involved in the Christian Union and I remember this being the time I understood the gospel properly, and I remember a couple of times I believe I felt the Spirit’s presence. I remember reading ‘Nine O’ Clock in the Morning’ by Dennis Bennett, which I think persuaded me that the gifts of the Spirit and all that were around today (I know some in the CU who doubted that, and prayed with a friend to recive the ‘baptism’ or something- I remember feeling something- don’t know what it was but it was pretty amazing! Another time I remember having some sort of dream (on a trip away with the CU, and I was deciding whether to get up or not to go to the early morning prayer meeting, I remmeber something seeming to say something about God giving us good things, and sort of seeing a picture of what looked like last night’s tea, some rice dish which happened to contain courgettes-not one of my favourite vegetables- I thought maybe it meant that God would give us good things, or what was good for us, even if we didn’t always enjoy it!) There’s more I can say, maybe I’ll post more here, once I’ve thought it all out. But I suppose I really need to trust in and obey God more, something I don’t really do a lot of yet! Any prayers from people for God’s help in this, and any advice, would be helpful. Yet I am sure He is really there, and definitely loves us, though occasionally I have had doubts. Not good to listen to the enemy, but it’s hard.

One question, how does one use these forums? And if I’ve anything specific to ask advice on is it better to talk it through with people from my church first rather than coming here? Thanks very much, and I wish everyone many bleesings.

Richard Prediger

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