My name is Dave and I live in Hungary. I am originally from the uk. I work here as an english teacher but this work is scarce, right now I dont have a lot. Please pray for me as I have had a lot of physical ailments, they seem to come on after the other. I am waiting for a hernia op in december, I have ibs with fructose intolerance and have started a diet but it is very restrictive and doesnt seem to be working, I get a lot of pain, also now I have pain around the inside and outside of my right thigh, the opposite side where I have a hernia. I have been a christian for over 30 years but didnt grow much. I am really seriously seeking the Lord to know HIs power in my life,His love and His will. I am divorced and remarried and my grown up children in the uk dont want to have much to do with me though I brought them up as christians.

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