I’m here to learn more about deliverance, as I need to get rid of clairaudience, clairsentience etc.
I met some people who were psychics and they loved me so much they developed in me some “spiritual” gifts I definately do not want in my life and my life became a nightmare trying to be free.

What do YOU think?



  1. Pastor_Tim says:


    Just wanted to add to the discussion of “clair” and manifestations. I hope this encourages you. I want to cut and paste a testimony of victory over night torment. This was posted on another board run by Voice of the Martyrs.

    Experience with our common enemy happens to be very fresh in my mind right now. As a Christian for over 40 years I have been guilty for many of those years of not recognizing demonic influence in my life and in the events surrounding it. I kept chalking it up to natural causes, peoples personalities or simply inborn fear. For instance for many years I was plagued with terrifying night visions, things floating in my room, beings coming from the walls. It became so fear inducing that I slept with a light on for the past 10 years. In a private and prayerful discussion with Brother Tim (from these boards) I was encouraged to name the source of these visions that robbed me of sleep and peace and to speak against him in the name of Christ. Truth is I had been afraid to say it was the devil. It was as if to do so would be to give him power over me! But my brother was right! I have been turning off my light for months now and sleeping undisrupted since telling the devil that he had no right to rob me of my God given right to peaceful sleep! Amen.

    This may not be part of your experience, but this lady had things coming at her at night and hovering over her, frightening her badly. Her deliverance was as simple as seeing the apparition for what it was, an evil spirit, and choosing to rise above its pettiness and command it to leave in name of Jesus. Deliverance can be a bit more complex as well. Let me know if I can encourage you in this.

    I will be happy to keep in touch with you, so you can walk through it with a brother in the Lord and not be alone. God is for you and these things have to go as you rise up in who you are.

    Praise God for the victory you have only partly walked into! The rest of your victory is on the way.

    [email protected]

    PS your settings will not allow me to reply to your private messages. I am writing a general message here instead.

  2. Pastor_Tim says:

    Hi Laura,

    The basic steps I understand to deliverance from ‘clair’ are repentance, forgiveness and repudiating the authority of the devil in this area.

    I will be happy to help you with this if it is still a problem. I see Michael has pointed you to the teaching on it. If you are still not free, let me know and I will share what I have on it.

    Tim Reinagel

  3. Please let me know if applying the teaching here on breaking curses and deliverance from evil spirits helps in your case.

    I have also prayed for you about this.

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