Here is my testimony- Hopefully it will bless you

I wrote this actually in the summer of 2007.

You know I have no idea why God has wired me the way he has. He has placed a call on my life that at the age of twelve years old I knew I was supposed to serve the Lord full time. I am ashamed to say I ran from that call for many years and largely even into my adult life. Every time God would get my attention and remind me of that call on my life I would completely turn my back on God and shun his call, time and time again. I paid a very heavy price for the rebellion and pride that so consumed my life.

A lot of my church friends and acquaintances who attended my church where into drugs, alcohol, and sexual impurity. Oh I was very religious however and used that to judge so many people therefore justifying the sin in my own life. I became so religious that it completely blinded me to the truth. The more I judged the more in bondage to sin I became. Also when I was twelve years old, God gave me the gift of discernment but I used that for evil as well. Oh I was so good at finding fault with others. You see I was caught up with the religious traditions of men which Paul speaks about this in 2 Timothy 3: 1-7 which states

“But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying it’s power. And from such, people turn away! For of this sort are those who creep into households and make captives of gullible women loaded down with sins, led away by various lust, always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

I was in church every time the doors opened and was actively involved in the youth group and was even admonished by the youth pastor in front of the entire youth group of about 500 kids that he wished others could be more like me. Oh but if only he new how lonely I felt and how captive to sin that I was. I loved to watch movies I had no business watching. I became hooked on pornography. I began to hate myself, as well as others, and by the time I was 18 years old I tried to take my own life for the first time. I remember taking a large bottle of pills and going back to my bedroom and waited to die. While I laid there in bed waiting to die I remember God speaking to me audibly in bed and telling me He would not let me die and that He had a plan for my life. I remember getting mad at God & telling Him “I will show You” and I got up out of bed and found a second bottle of pills and took those as well. I went back to bed and began to sob heavily.

I remember telling God I was through being lukewarm and I would rather turn my back completely on God than pretend any longer. That is exactly what I did. I quit hanging out with my Christian friends. I got new friends and whole lot more trouble. I got into drugs, alcohol and all sorts of sexual impurity. I did not see or speak to my parents for almost five years. Twice by the time I was 23 years old I had guns pulled on me at point blank range. The first time, the gun jammed up and did not fire, and a second time, the person ran out of bullets by the time he pointed it at my head and pulled the trigger from five feet away. Both times in the back of my mind I knew God had spared my life; I just did not understand why.

Another time a street gang, jumped a coworker friend, who was dating an ex-girlfriend of one of the gang members, at a party and placed him into a coma for two weeks. I took matters into my own hands, and found out several weeks later from several of my friends; that the gang leader had placed a bounty on my life. My friends told me “I might want to lay low for a while“, but I was too headstrong and sought out the leader of this gang and cornered him late one afternoon in a weight room at a community college campus. I told him it ends now peacefully or we can settle it right now, not so peacefully, where either one of us could die or perhaps both of us. It was his choice. Thank God he decided to see it my way and called off the bounty. The craziest thing about that whole ordeal was, both of us had been working out at that particular gym for months and had crossed paths many times and had even spotted for one another while working out. He had no idea I was actually the one causing his gang members so much grief, and I had no idea he was the gang leader.

Another time I got into a fight where an acquaintance of mine had crossed another gang and they cornered us one night just him and I. The odds were two against thirty and they brought chains and bottles to the party; I felt there was no way I would get out of that fight alive. They surrounded us in the middle of the street. Within a short amount of time my buddy was taken to the ground and quickly had six guys on top of him working him over real good. I knew if I lost my feet I was as good as dead. I snatched up two empty beer bottles lying in the street and broke them against the pavement and began to use them as weapons constantly turning and slashing and jabbing keeping the majority of my attackers at bay.

Assailants were coming at me one or two at a time. I knew it was only a matter of time before they wised up and came at me all at once. I kept glancing over to my friend who was getting the crud beat out of him, and I could see that one of the his attackers now on top of him was attempting to gouge out his eyes. My friend was definitely in survival mode as he was biting, scratching, clawing and grabbing whatever he could get a hold of, but I knew there was no way I could run to his aid, and I was not sure how much more he could take, before he was either unconscious or maybe even worse. Finally out of desperation I screamed out as loud as I could “You may kill the both of us but I am going to make sure that I take at least six of you with us” and made a break for my friends car.

Then I heard one of the gang members scream out “he’s got a gun! he’s got a gun! Everyone run!” Then as suddenly as the attack had started it ended as everyone who was able fled like mice. I rushed over to my friend picked him up helped him to his car and threw him into the passenger seat. My friend was so bloodied and punch drunk by this time that he was insistent we stay and finish the fight. By this time I was enraged at him and I grabbed him by his neck and screamed at him “Jimmy the only %$&*@$! reason they scattered is because they think I have a gun! Guess what Jimmy? I don’t have a gun! As soon as they figure that out; they are going to come back!” At this point my friend decided to keep his mouth shut so I hurried over to the driver’s seat and hurried to seek medical attention for my friend who was in desperate need of some.

Still to this day, I am amazed that I was able to escape that episode relatively unharmed and my friend made a full recovery and today is currently a very successful fire chief and a police officer in a city I will not disclose. By age 22, I was mean, hateful, and fearless on the outside, but I inwardly I felt scared, frightened and hopeless on the inside. God still never completely removed his hand off of me and let Satan have my life. I fell into depression and began to withdraw from my friends and drank more heavily alone in the privacy of my own home. During this time I developed a new addiction, work. Which did provide some relief from my alcohol issues, because the more I worked the less time I had to sit around and feel sorry for myself or drink alone. That only proved to be a temporary fix. It was during this time that I met my wife and was married at 23. I was a father at 25 and was back to drinking heavily again and working 65 to 70 hours a week. My wife got saved when she was pregnant with our first child and was so excited as baby Christian. I was so cruel to her.

Several times my wife tried to witness to me and I would humiliate her in return. I began to quote back to her some of the Bible scriptures she was struggling so hard to remember as a baby Christian. I told her God did not want me be lukewarm. My wife was amazed how I knew so much about the Bible and that I had never mentioned it to her before. I told her how I had been raised in church and had even attended a private Christian school for 5 years. I told her God did not work for me and most of the people I knew that had attended church with me during those times did not seem to get to much benefit from it either. I told her how even the pastor of a church I had attended as a teenager had divorced his wife after he had gotten a woman half his age pregnant and had run off with this woman several years after I graduated. I told her when I was ready for Jesus I would let her know. 2 more times by the time I was 26 I had guns pulled on me while at work. Once when I was refusing a man alcohol who had had way to much to drink before he entered my restaurant and I had to wrestle the gun out of his hands at the bar. Thank God he was drunk and his reflexes where slow, and he was unable to fire off a shot. The second time a man slipped back and entered the cash office right after I had finished counting and dropping all the money for the evening. He was furious there was no money in the safe and held by far the biggest pistol I had ever seen at close range. It was straight out of a “Dirty Harry” movie. Shortly before he had entered my office I had just finished dropping over $10,000 in cash in a unreachable part of the safe. I tried to explain that to him but he kept insisting I was hiding all the money from him. Again God spared my life and the thief made his escape with less than two hundred dollars. Still I did not turn back to God and repent. I was so stubborn and rebellious.

I knew I needed to get out of the restaurant business and felt it was going to be the eventual end of my marriage and my life if I did not find a new career. I was in constant depression and reached a point in my life where I again was struggling with thoughts of suicide. I would come home from work and sit around in heavy depression and was completely withdrawn from my wife and my children. I did not have any friends and did not want to open myself up to anyone for friendship. My wife finally had reached a point where she was fed up with me and my lifestyle of drugs and alcohol and was just about to walk away from me for good. She had reached her last straw and told me to find a new career or find a new wife. My parents talked us into moving to Rockwall TX. in 1996 when I was 27 and father of two. God really began to work on my heart. I was hired by Target as a Supervisor and actually helped open the new store in Rockwall where I was quickly promoted to a logistics manager.

I began to attend a Bible study class my dad was teaching and was amazed at how different my father had become than the father I had grown to dislike as a child. I remembered thinking as a child that nothing I ever did would ever be good enough for this man. I remembered the constant verbal abuse my father would hurl at both my mother and myself growing up. Now I began to see that God had gotten a hold of my father and had begun to change his heart. He was no longer the angry, religious man I had remembered all those years as a child through my teenage years. My father started teaching the bible to others when I was 9 years old but now the message had changed to a message of love, deliverance, and healing. I did not no how to respond in that I was holding lots of unforgiveness towards my father, and I had built so many walls around my heart to protect me.

I did not know at the time those walls where allowing me to be in constant torment day and night because our spiritual enemy, Satan and the powers of darkness, are not even slowed down by the walls we build to keep others out and our hidden sins a secret. You see when we choose to walk in disobedience to God’s law of love, it opens the doors for the tormentors to come. It talks very clearly about those tormentors in the book of Joel 2:3-9 and just how they attack our hearts and minds. (“A fire devours before them and behind them a flame burns; the land is like the Garden of Eden before them, and behind them a desolate wilderness; surely nothing shall escape them. Their appearance is like the appearance of horses; and like swift steeds, so they run. With a noise like chariots over the mountaintops they leap like the noise of a flaming fire that devours the stubble, Like a strong people set in battle array. Before them people writhe in pain; all faces are drained of color. They run like mighty men, They climb the wall like men of war; every one marches in formation, and they do not break ranks. They do not push one another; every one marches in his own column. Though they lunge between the weapons, They are not cut down. They run to and fro in the city, They run on the wall; They climb into the houses, they enter at the windows like a thief.”)

You see God turns the sons of disobedience over to the tormentors when we disobey God’s perfect law of love, and the more we disobey the more curses and torment come. The first 14 verses of Deuteronomy 28 talk about the blessings we have when we as Christ followers choose to live righteously by putting to death the deeds of the flesh and begin to walk according to the Spirit, but the last part of that chapter is also very clear about the curses that come upon us as believers when we choose to walk in disobedience to God‘s moral law. God is so faithful however and is ever calling for his children to repent and return to their God.

Anyway back to my story, I had reached a point in my life at 27 where I no longer enjoyed reading and studying my bible, but I knew it was the key to my deliverance from the oppression and turmoil that was destroying my life. I felt like the prodigal son times three. I kept picking up my bible and would read a couple of verses and would quickly put it back down again. Finally one night I stumbled across the stoning of Stephen in the book of Acts and was completely baffled how a man could have so much love for others that even while stones where being hurled and impacting his body he was crying out to God for their forgiveness. I was completely dumbfounded. I began to question God intently about that kind of love. I told God if someone threw stones at me I would pick them up and hurl them right back. I told God I hated my wife, my kids, my parents, my coworkers, and pretty much everybody in general. I told God he was going to have to teach me this love if I was ever going to be able to live righteously as the Bible said we are and to walk as a disciple of Christ. I remember getting up out of bed putting my bible on the nightstand and walking into the bathroom and turning on the water to take a shower. As I began to undress I looked into the mirror and cried out to God “what is this Love”.

Immediately I heard God respond in a very audible voice. I heard God speak clearly. “ there is no greater love than for a man to lay down his life for another”. Then it all began to click in my head and God began to show me how I had tried to save my own life and was always trying to fight for all my own causes, wants, and desires. I had spent most of my life trying to satisfy my flesh and was always coming up short because sin does not satisfy. God began to show me how I had trusted in men and not God. He told me I had set up many idols in my life. My music, the Dallas Cowboys, The Texas Rangers, movie stars, preachers, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, the perfect wife, the perfect kids, the perfect parents, and many other things. He told me to get rid of my music collection and movies. The Lord told me I spent more time worshiping my television than I did worshiping Him. He told me He was a jealous God and he wanted no, none, not even one other god in my life and to get rid of all my idols. The next day my cable was turned off because where supposedly late on a bill. We where not actually late and it turned out to be an accounting error even though I have been guilty of not paying bills on time in the past. Funny how God works. I told my cable company not to bother turning it back on.

The Lord told me all the time I had spent listening to my ungodly music, watching the Dallas Cowboys, watching ungodly T.V. shows He now wanted me spend that time reading my bible and praying to Him and He would begin to teach me His love. I remember telling God how impossible that would be because I did not even like to pray and I no longer enjoyed reading His word. He told me it wasn’t to difficult and He would help me. Sure enough, He held true to His word. I got rid of almost a 1000 music Cds and hundreds of movies. Thank God for CD Warehouse where I was actually able to trade my music for almost 200 Christian Cds. I even sold my television and I began to read my Bible, pray, and listen to my Christian music. The Lord began to change my hardened heart a little bit at a time. The Lord began to teach me the importance as well as the necessity to take every thought captive. Satan wants us to believe that is impossible, but Jesus is constantly reminding us as we begin to put to death the deeds of the flesh and walk according to the Spirit that “all things become possible with God.” He began to teach me how to do spiritual warfare, deliverance, and share God’s true message of salvation keeping with repentance and how the Glory of the Lord is revealed in us as we put to death the deeds of the flesh and live righteously according to God’s moral law.

I began to pull down the demonic strongholds that where operating in my heart and mind one giant at a time and kick the enemy out the land.

Sometime after the Lord began to draw me back to him my father, who is actually my stepfather, came to me, and asked if I had any regrets about the way I had either been raised or the paths I had chosen to travel down. I remember not being able to answer him immediately and dismissed it with a statement like “I am not sure” or “I don‘t know“. Later, I questioned God about this and asked Him to reveal to me what regrets I had hidden in my heart. I began to replay all the events in my life that had lead up to that very moment and what a wonderful woman God had given me to be my companion, and how forgiving she had been with me time and time again. I thought about the two wonderful and healthy children God had given me. I definitely had no regrets for my wife or my children. I realized my parents had done the best they knew where being taught a bunch of religious traditions of how to raise children. Besides, both of them did not come to know the Lord until I was half grown. It wasn’t until after my dad withdrew from the church, got away from religious traditions, and began to seek the Lord on his own; that the Lord began to teach my father the true gospel of repentance and salvation.
By then I had struck out to experience the world for myself.

By the way, have I mentioned to you yet that I love to run down rabbit trails? If you haven’t figured that out by now it will probably be painfully evident by the end of this story. If there is ever going to be an end to this story.

Anyway the Lord quickened in my heart about the time my father had asked to adopt me when I was 14 and I had chosen to keep the name of my of my real father of which I had never ,truly, had a relationship with, and my stepfather had raised me since I was two years old. The Lord took me to Genesis and I began to read the story about how the Lord had changed Abram’s name to Abraham and how Jacob had his name change to Israel after he wrestled with the angel of the Lord. The more I prayed the more I realized that as a regret, and wished I had let my father adopt me. I spoke with my wife about it and asked how she would feel about having her and our children’s last name changed if my father was still willing to adopt me. I told her I felt like the Lord was telling me it was symbolic of the Jesus covenant with me. He had lade down his life for me, willingly, as a blameless, spotless sacrifice for my sin’s, while I was the worst of sinners, and rose again, in a resurrected body, and was offering me the same resurrected life if I would, willingly, lay my life down for Him and walk as a new creation. She gave her stamp of approval and basically said “the Lord’s will be done.”

I did not know how to present this proposition to my father and had no idea if that offer was still on the table. When I approached my father and began to recount the regret I had, he was honored and happy adopt me, so at the age of 29 my father adopted me. My last name, as well as my wife’s, my four year old son and my two year old daughter was changed from Smith to Horn.(bedtime)

You know it is amazing what a good night sleep can do for you when you are no longer tormented day and night by the powers of darkness that so many of us as Christians have been held captive by. It is not supposed to be that way. I am very proud to say that God has restored peace in my home. Jesus has begun to teach me how to be the a loving father, husband, and Godly authority he has called me to be. It has been 11 years since God started restoring and healing my relationship with Him. There has been a lot of ups and downs, but I know I have a helper in His precious Holy Spirit to gently lead me and correct me and when I fall His Spirit is quick to pick me up. God has called me to be a watchman over his sheep and teach others true repentance, sanctification, and spiritual warfare. It breaks my heart to see so many Christians today in the same condition I was once in. So many believers are being defeated and tormented day and night because of un-confessed sin and spiritual strongholds in their life. God is calling for a spotless and pure bride but so many in the church have become foolish virgins. God wants us as believers to overcome the strongholds and powers of darkness. Jesus is very clear that we can not serve two masters. Yet so many of us as Christians have been guilty of playing church on the weekends or when it is convenient, or perhaps when we just couldn’t find anything better to do at the time, but living for the most part to satisfy our fleshly desires. King David in Psalms 81:15 makes it perfectly clear that those that pretend obedience to the Lord, hate the Lord and there time of punishment is forever.

As matter of fact if you do a word study on the word hate in the bible you will find that the biblical definition of hate, is to love less than, you love yourself. If you take it one step further and do a word study on the words believe and obedience you will find that those two words are pretty much synonymous. You can take that one step farther and you will find that the words unbelief and disobedience are also synonymous. Is this currently being taught in your church? If the answer to that question is no then let me ask you why not?

My dear brothers or sisters, if you have strongholds operating in your life and you are constantly falling into the same traps of feeding your lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the boastful pride of life; you may be guilty of blaspheming the Holy Spirit, which is basically saying Jesus blood, that was shed on the cross, and His precious Holy Spirit, that He left with you to help and guide you, wasn’t good enough to pull down the demonic strongholds operating in your heart and mind in this lifetime.

When Jesus rose from the dead He took the keys from death, hell, and the grave and all authority over heaven and earth was given to Him for eternity. He then gave us who have been called, and are now true disciples of Christ, the authority to wage war on the enemy and to cast out devils, heal the sick, set the captives free and proclaim the true gospel of repentance and salvation.

The church as a whole doesn’t even know how to resist the devil in their own lives much less cast out devils, heal the sick, the blind, the lame, and the brokenhearted. It is time for God’s people to be weaned from the milk and move to the meat of the gospel. Believers need to quit hating on one another and hate the sin and the powers of darkness that is destroying their own lives as well as the lives of others. God’s message to the church is the same as it was 2000 years ago. Wake up! Cry out to God in repentance and turn from your evil, wicked ways, and He will forgive you of your sins and cleanse you from all unrighteousness in this lifetime and the lifetime to come. I can not throw stones at anyone being that I have been as evil and wicked as anyone, but thanks be to our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I can sound the alarm for the church to wake up, clean your soiled garments, and teach others to do the same.

A pure evil thing is currently happening in Iraq as well as Africa where Muslims are slaughtering one another and African tribes are exterminating one another. It a spiritual war not a physical one. God is allowing it to happen and for told of this evil 2000 years ago. The four angels that have been bound at the great river Euphrates are about to be unleashed to kill a third of mankind by fire, smoke and brimstone. By my simple math calculations that is somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 billion lives. They have been given charge over a demonic army that God has held back for thousands of years just for this time, to be unleashed over the entire earth. I find it very interesting that the majority of this river runs through all of Iraq as well as Syria but the mouth of this great river exits out of Iraq. Being that trash and debris are carried downstream in a river and usually exit out of the mouth of a river It kind of makes you wonder does it not? Who else is keeping up with current events and seeking God as to the relevance of Bible prophecy? This army will attack the just as well as the unjust and, it will burn up all the hay, wood, and stubble. The saddest part of this whole ordeal is, you would think, once something like this would occur, which was for told of in the book of Revelation almost 2000 years ago, that it would be a wake up call for the church as well as the heathens on this earth. However, Revelation 9:20-21 states that (“the rest of mankind who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent of the works of their hands, that they should not worship demons, and idols of gold, silver, brass, stone, and wood, which can neither see nor hear nor walk. And they did not repent of their murders or sorceries or their sexual immorality or their thefts.”) The church has failed to address it and has not readied for war. They are still caught up preaching a false message of peace and safety in Jesus regardless of how we conduct ourselves according to God‘s moral law. God have mercy on this nation! A lot of our soldiers, that are returning home from Iraq, are bringing back spiritual baggage with them. It is not a good spiritual baggage they will be bringing back. They are going to need a lot of curses broken off of them that have either been spoken on them, or perhaps have come on them by judging the sinner and not the sin, mostly out of ignorance of what they cannot perceive in the spiritual realm. Our soldiers are going to need our help. Is your church ready to answer the call? By what measure you judge that shall it be measured back to you. The church as a whole has failed to teach the brothers and sisters what passing judgment actually is. When we judge others out of ignorance, it opens doorways to our hearts for the powers of darkness to come and torment us. Jesus said there will be an accounting for every idle word spoken. We don’t get a free pass because our preachers and teachers did not teach us any better. The Lord warns us repeatedly through his prophets and disciples that His children are destroyed for of lack of knowledge. It is time for us as believers to learn the difference between being a peace keeper and a peace maker.

True believers are supposed to expose the darkness in the world, as well as the false doctrines that do not conform us to the image and likeness of our Savior, regardless of who it may or may not offend. Jesus was always very quick to reach out and love the lost and hurting, but he did not tolerate false doctrines or the teachers of those false doctrines. He chastised them repeatedly with the word of God and told them His word judges them but he himself did not. He still went to the cross willingly for them and gave his life for them as well, so that if they, also where to willing to repent of their own worthless traditions that profit men nothing, confess their sins before the brethren, and turn back to God with their whole heart; they to could receive forgiveness for their sin as well.

Religious self righteousness is very evil; it leads to pride, not humility, and usually can not see it’s own sin because, when we judge the sinner instead of the sin; we become completely blinded to the sin in our own lives. If we are afraid to preach and teach God’s people what the sin is from the pulpits, because we are more concerned what someone might think or say about us in our church then God help us. We then begin to store up wrath for the day of judgment and not righteousness and holiness (sanctification) which leads to eternal life. We love to judge our wives, husbands, children, parents, employers, employees, teachers, athletes, students, president, congress, other nations, illegal aliens, alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes, murderers, adulterers, child molesters, dog killers, tree killers, homosexuals, but we want to hold fast to hidden sins in our own lives.

Un-confessed sin is un-forgiven sin. Can I tell you dear brother and sister that those hidden sins you don’t think anybody knows about, and that you believe are not that bad will send you to hell if they remain unconfessed and not turned away from. What did Jesus tell the rich young ruler who had a coveting issue but had kept all the other commandments of the law? His coveting problem was so bad Jesus told him to go sell everything he had then come back and follow Christ.

What is Christ telling you to get rid of to purify your heart? If walking an aisle and saying a little salvation prayer and water baptism was not good enough for the rich young ruler why would we think it is good enough for us? Most of the pulpits of America are full of men who have trampled God’s green pasture and waters of life under foot proclaiming false words of peace or blessings that prophet men nothing but a broad path leading to destruction. God’s people for the most part have forsaken their God and have as many idols and gods in their own lives as the heathens in the world. If you are finding some of the words I am proclaiming today offensive, you might want to question what inside you is getting so offended? All of this comes straight out of God’s word. What made the demons get so offended when Jesus started to speak or pass by that caused them to start manifesting and exposing their hiding places? Why are demons so comfortable in today’s church gatherings that they do not feel pressured or the need to manifest or expose their presence? Demonic strongholds typically do not like to expose their hiding places or existence in our lives if they do not feel pressured to do so. They work off of lies and deception to pervert the truth and convince you or I that they are not there when in actuality they are; then they can operate in our lives pretty much unmolested causing destruction and carrying out the curses in our lives. Why did Jesus tell the preachers and teachers of his day they where full of the devil and there father was Satan? That doesn’t sound like a very Christian thing for Jesus to say according to what most churches are teaching Christians how to behave.

God forbid we might offend somebody, especially a so called man of God. I can not speak for you dear brothers and sisters but I know I have reached a point where being known as a good Christian brother is nothing I desire. I long to be known as a follower of Christ who kept the faith and finished the race and bore much fruit for the kingdom of heaven. We have been taught in our churches that God doesn’t expect you to be perfect, only Jesus could be perfect, so why even try. We have been told that God’s moral law that was given to Moses by God was part of the first covenant and was done away with when Christ came and died for our sins. That is a out and out lie and come straight from the pits of hell. Jesus said he did not come to abolish the law but to fulfill the law. Jesus also came to teach us how to live our lives as believers by following in the very same foot steps he walked on this earth, taking up our cross daily and following him. It is written that Jesus became a man of no reputation! Why do we think we deserve one? Could that, possibly, be a stronghold of pride operating in your life?

In our own country we slaughter more babies (abortion) in one year than has been lost during the entire war in Iraq on both sides, including the first gulf war. The church rarely even will address this issue anymore. If the true gospel was being preached and families began to restore peace and righteousness in their own homes it would eliminate a lot of the unwanted pregnancies. In America, it has pretty much become acceptable by our government for men to be lovers of men and women to be lovers of women and government has now begun to warn the churches of America to not speak out against it or they could lose their tax shelter. Woe to this nation.

This once great nation has turned it’s back on God and I now sense in my spirit that God is about to turn his back on this once great nation. God’s wrath is about to be poured out this nation, and I fear a very sudden and swift destruction will follow. I believe one of the only things holding back this destruction has been our allegiance and ties to Israel. The church as a whole pretty much rolled over without a fight; they are more concerned about their pocket book, building programs, and church membership than fearing the one true God who has the power to destroy our body, spirit and soul. Thank God for the last two terms where we had a president who was more concerned about what was morally right than his reputation. Has anyone been watching his rating lately. The new presidential elections are a little more than a year away. According to the most recent religious surveys done in our nation it has been determined that close to one third of our nation population is made up of Muslims. How is that going to impact the coming elections? I believe there is a current individual who was raised Muslim that will be running for that office (just thinking out loud here). So what will happen if the Muslims in our own nation decide to stage their own civil war against each other? Will the police or the government be able to protect us if car bombs start exploding during rush hour traffic all over America? America’s most elite fighting force is stationed over in Iraq right now and and has great difficulty putting a stop to this useless blood shed. That is because this is a spiritual war and the physical war is just a physical manifestation of the spiritual war that is raging on and the church continues to hit the snooze alarm.

God is calling for His people to wake up, repent and draw near again to Him and He will restore the hearts of His people, and He will come make His abode with us. There are studies that say a large number of youths and younger adults are being attracted to the new age movement which is actually an old age movement that comes from the ancient Babylonians and Egyptian pagan gods which is a form of demon worship and is closely tied to sorcery and witchcraft. It has also been stated that over one third of our nations politicians are into this new age religion and we elected them. Hillary Clinton supposedly has been known to hold séances in her own political office. Did you know that? She also attends church regularly. You think she is a true Christ follower? Satan has done a number on our nation and our churches.

Our church leadership continues to preach peace keeping and telling all of us as Christians it is all going to be okay and not to get to radical about our beliefs or take a righteous stand against the moral hypocrisy in this nation or God’s people, because that might offend someone and then the church might have to label you as trouble maker and we might ask you to leave the church if you persist. The churches have always been very quick to label trouble makers dating all the way back to the old testament. The true prophets where labeled as trouble makers. John the baptist was labeled a trouble maker. Jesus was labeled a trouble maker. Jesus disciples where labeled as trouble makers. Paul was labeled a trouble maker. William Tyndale was labeled a trouble maker and was burned at the stake for translating the Bible into the English language. Most these so called trouble makers where, not only, persecuted by the churches and governments, but most of them died very gruesome deaths at the hands of their persecutors for the cause of Christ.

So let me ask you this dear brothers and sisters, if most of the true messengers of the gospel of Christ where killed by the religious leaders of their day, which is still happening today in some countries, then who wrote the religious creeds and doctrines that we are told by our pastors and teachers today is absolute truth of the word of God? Where are all the original writings of these great patriarchs, who established the faith and planted churches, that where followed up by religious men, who interpreted these writings and made powerless (watered down) doctrines out of them. How a religious individual could take a portion of Biblical truth and pervert it in such a way to create a watered down doctrine to mislead many straight to hell, while preaching and teaching a peace and safety absolutely amazes me. We need to thank the Lord daily, that all down through the ages; He has been faithful to us time ,and time again, and has raised up individuals who where not afraid to lose their reputations or their lives to advance the Kingdom of Heaven on earth as it is in Heaven. Oh that I could be counted worthy to be labeled as a trouble maker by the church!

How is that peace keeping philosophy working out in Iraq right now? Again I say, God have mercy on this country.

Let me ask you this question dear brother or sister. Who do you think carries out these curses in the spiritual arena? Why do you think there are as many broken homes in the church as outside the church? Why are the adolescences in so many Christian homes turning away from the faith to drugs and alcohol when they have been raised in church?

We marvel at how our children are turning their backs on God at an alarming rate when they where raised in church all their lives. Maybe, could it be , they have watched their parents play church for so long that they know it is a powerless tradition of men, that profits nothing, and they think “if that is what the church is supposed to be; then no thanks; I don‘t want any part of it.” We as a church have completely failed to address the iniquities of our nation, parents and grandparents and have not broke the generational curses off of our lives. Most Christians don’t even think they can have a curse but James was very clear about the power of tongue and the ability to speak blessings or curses on one another. A lot of Christians are guilty of speaking curses on their children every day which they learned from their own parents who learned it from their mothers and fathers. I was very guilty of this in my own life as a parent, and I still have to guard my tongue daily against this. The children have curses that have been passed down or spoken on them by their parents because their parents never learned how to tame the tongue or address the demonic strongholds in their life, that are carrying out the curses on the parents, as well as their children.

The church is so asleep. Do you see a reoccurring theme here? I was raised in the church and I have lived through all of this first hand in my own life. Satan is destroying home after home in the churches all across America. He is destroying the children, and the church as a whole won’t even address the real issues. They are throwing up their hands in despair crying out to God why is this happening? God answering back and telling his people, it is because you have forsaken my moral Law; I too have forgotten your children. Who is God’s son? It’s Jesus. He is the word is he not? When you choose to disobey God’s word you are forgetting His child (Jesus), and He does not like that; therefore He forgets your children and allows them to come under a curse. The text for this comes out of Hosea 4: 6-7. It is right there in your Bible and it has been completely ignored by the church, the pastors, and the teachers who would rather teach or listen to a peace keeping gospel that does not require a pure heart.

Jesus very own disciples where crying out to Jesus “who can be saved” , but todays church now preaches a gospel where everybody gets saved and gets to dance around a golden calf in whitewashed tombs full of dead men’s bones. It is a bunch of blind guides leading a blind people straight to into the pits of hell. The salvation message today has become so watered down and lifeless. True repentance not only requires us to confess our sin, all our sin, but requires a turning away from that sin as well. A blanket little prayer and water baptism is not going to cut it. Paul addresses this very issue starting in 2 Timothy 2:16 “ (But shun profane and idle babblings, for they will increase to more ungodliness. And their message will spread like cancer. Hymenaeus and Philetus are of this sort, who have strayed concerning the truth, saying that the resurrection is already past; and they overthrow the faith of some.”) Paul takes this a little further starting in the same chapter in verse 19 (“ nevertheless the solid foundation of God stands, having this seal: The Lord knows those who are His, and let everyone who names the name of Christ depart from iniquity. But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver, but also of wood and clay, some for honor and some for dishonor. Therefore if anyone cleanses himself from the latter, he will be a vessel for honor, sanctified and useful for the Master, prepared for every good work.”)

Does that mean we are not going to ever sin again. By no means am I saying that but you better quit practicing sin or their no longer will remain a sacrifice for your sins. The preachers and teachers as a whole are totally ignoring these scriptures. We are supposed to be a new creation after we come to Jesus and we are supposed to start practicing righteousness. Let me ask you this dear brother or sister. Does Peyton Manning practice throwing interceptions? Did Emmitt Smith practice fumbling the ball? Does Peyton Manning ever throw an interception? Did Emmitt Smith ever fumble the ball? There is a huge difference between practicing something or making a mistake and doing something. The salvation message has been misunderstood and miss taught in the churches all across America. The people hanging out at the bars for the most part are not even trying to walk a path to heaven but they can see the sin and hypocrisy in the church but the church can not see the sin and hypocrisy in itself. Who do you think Jesus was referring to when he said broad is the path that leads to destruction and many will find it, but straight is the way and narrow is the path that leads to righteousness and few their be that find it? Think also of the Jesus parable of the tares and the wheat. At the time of harvest, what will happen to the wheat? What will happen to the tares? Are the tares not gathered up and thrown into the fire?

The day of judgment will be a very sad day when many so called Christians will stand before Jesus and hear the words “I never knew you, depart from me you workers of iniquity.” That is right there in your Bibles but it is never talked about because it might affect the offering or the church attendance for goodness sake. It will be even a sadder day for those blind guides and teachers who did not teach a salvation keeping with repentance, and warn God’s people of the judgment to come for those who do not practice righteousness. They don’t get to enter either. Judgment begins with the house of God and God’s wrath will not deal kindly with the sons of disobedience who practice lawlessness. You know there is more biblical truth coming out of Christian music today than most of the pulpits all across America. Casting Crowns last album has a song on it called “Stained Glass Masquerade” that talks about shiny plastic people living in shiny plastic steeples that pretty much sums up most of the churches today. God’s people have played the harlot far too long and have many gods and idols. They love their houses, cars, TV’s, Sports teams, athletes, jobs, reputations, pride, jealousy, neighbor’s wife, movie stars, more than they love the Lord.

Let me bring up one more tidbit of information to chew on and I I’ll close this letter. I find it very interesting the most popular TV show in America far and away for the last 5 years is a show called “American Idol“. I find it also very interesting that show pales in comparison to the grip that the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, PGA, and we cannot leave out NASCAR, and the power it has over our lives today. Who are we as Christians teaching our children to idolize and worship? Is it Tiger Woods, Tony Romo or how about Carrie Underwood? Is not interesting how we almost here about on a daily basis how another professional athlete has gotten in trouble with the law? Do you think maybe God is trying to tell us something?

Beware little brother and sisters for we serve a very jealous God who is after the hearts of his people. God is not mocked whatsoever a man sows; from that shall he also reap. If you sow, practice, or worship the flesh then you shall reap according to the flesh death and corruption and eventually eternal death, but if you repent and cry out to God and turn from your evil wicked ways and walk according to the Spirit putting to death the deeds of the flesh then you begin to fulfill God’s perfect law of love and live righteously in this lifetime and the lifetime to come. I challenge all believers to read Ezekiel chapter 18. It makes this perfectly clear.

Lord I pray for revival to fall on your people dear Lord in this nation and in my church as well as the other churches across America. Lord I pray that you begin to expose and pull down the religious strongholds that have blinded your people for so long. Give your children the Strength to confess their religious pride and spiritual harlotry to one another and give them the strength to turn from their sin and begin to walk according to the Spirit, taking every thought captive so they can expose the enemies lies. Lord teach your people to resist the devil and stand strong against the enemies attacks. Lord I pray that you will begin raise up mighty warriors in this church and all across America that will take the fight straight to the enemies camp and wage war against his strongholds and set the captives free, heal the sick, and bind up the brokenhearted. To you Jesus my Lord and Savior be all glory and power forever amen.

Your friend in Christ, Corey –

PS -If you feel any part of this letter or my testimony needs to be heard by your church, or maybe your church leadership feel free to share this with whomever God lays on your heart. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the words of our testimony. We all must overcome. I lost my reputation a long time ago and guess what? I don’t want it back.

If any man should boast let him boast in this; that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, has come into the world not only to save us from our sins but deliver us from our sins, set the captives free, heal the sick, and bind up the broken hearted. May the Lord bless you and keep you all the days of your life. Lead God’s people into all truth and advance the Kingdom of Heaven on earth as it is in Heaven.

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