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I’ve been saved for a couple of years. I started out very strong but somehow got lost. Anyway I have very close great friends who I love dearly. Only they just don’t want to move closer to God.I can’t even freely discuss the things of God without there being opposition. I feel that I am at a turning point I want to go closer to God but am terribly afraid that if I do my friends will reject me. I know that the word says that the world will reject us but this still has not given me the boldness needed to push for the things of God and to become all that God desires of me. I used to have strong Christian friends but somehow we have drifted apart and now I don’t really have any.
Also please help me pray for finding a church family. I used to belong to a church that had practices that seemed shaky. To make matters worse when I tried to speak to the pastor I was ignored. This hurt greatly because I hoped to root myself somewhere. It has been more than a year since I’ve gone to church steadily. Thank you for your prayers!

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  1. Just remember that you are a co-creator of your destiny. Have friends that can help you get to your God ordained destiny.

    May the good lord answer all your prayers and desire of your heart from his sanctuary. May his will be done in your life. Let the holy spirit flow in your heart and body and let every dead situation that has been hindering your walk towards God be erased by the blood of Jesus. From today begin to chase God. Amen.

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