Help!! pray for me

I’m very greatful to my God who led me to this site,it is really good foood.God bless you Michael and all participants.I need your help my dears,I have just finished my Education in Electronics and communications this year.I applied for the job in one company and sit for interview. God was with me I passed.During the interview I did wrong! I lied something unexpectedly (may be due to pressure). I repented to lord and result came out.I was selected to do medical check (final stage)then………nothing happened.Im living in the house of my friend,Catholics and secularists.My home place have got no opportunities in my field.Satan is warring with me using that family.On september im supposed to do an interview but im not sure if i wll be in this city.before i completed my studies i prayed to Lord that i will get place to work and obvious my room. Other people we did interview with are working.I want to serve God freeely in my own room.Guys im getting weaker,I cannot pray as i used cause no time to do it.They dont want to see Godly program! just listen and watch secular poisons.Im in great argony.Ive not given up but i dont know what to do next.The room we are living have got no electricity.I can study my bible only on sunday………..and so…
Please help me to get out of here! its terrible. Pray for me Guys, and if it is something like curse,i have confessed and i always repent for any curse caused by me or my ancestor and nullify them with Jesus’ blood.Help please
you can send me even private message at email: [email protected]
God bless you…..Ev. Steve md

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  1. Ive been called in two place both are going to offer me a job.Im praying that God will show me right place for me
    Thanks brethrens all who pray for me

    Jesus is Love
    Jesus is God
    By his stripes we were healed

  2. I have done one interview and God was with me .I have done second interview with the same company (after passing the first) God is good.I believe he is going to do something.Thanks Guys for your prayers,go on praying that at end God will uplift his servant

    Jesus is Love
    Jesus is God
    By his stripes we were healed

  3. Well i am praying that opputunities come knocking at your door
    I am praying for you
    praying for all ur concerns
    IN Jesus name

  4. I pray for you that the Lord opens the door for you to live in a better environment.

    Remember that if you want to draw near to God, He loves that and doesn’t look at your previous failings at all, so long as you don’t intend to continue in them.

    Never allow condemnation to rob you of joy if its your purpose to live with God. Also God will make a way of escape for every temptation. Its His promise. 1 Corinthians 10:13.

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