Help – I am a sinner

Hi everyone,

Please pray for me as I realise that I have done a terrible sin, I have cursed people who have wronged me. I have asked God to forgive me, but I do not know if I should do anything else. I have basically wished them dead, and now I know that curses can exist and do harm. I do not wish for them to be cursed anymore. I also believe that I may have been cursed, the last couple of years. It is not so much financially as emotionally, we had disagreements with all our family members – so much that there is no contact. My brother in law is also an atheist, and has unfortunately dragged my sister into it – she coming form grandparents who was a wonderful example of Christianity. I am a Christian, but I fail time and again. Also almost every window in our house breaks/ gets a crack. We can not keep up with the repairs financially, do you think this is a curse. Also, I looked through the list of dmonic signs and things. Some things I do not even know about, but a couple was a bit scary to me. My mother reads the “stars” and I believe she has been to a clairvoyant. Now how am I who did not do this doing to “undo” it? Also my daugher takes karate at her creche and the karate guy is quite religious (christian) he prays with every class and teached them childern songs about Jesus. Now how can I understand it that this is an evil in my life. He is a white christian boy, though with a bit of a funny haristyle. Please I do not know where to begin to get rid of the evil in my home. Also apparently someone committed suicide in the house. The weird thing is on the one hand I think we have a curse, but on the other hand somethin strange happens. I have noticed a couple of years ago that when someone does something bad to me, within a day or a week something bad happens to them. Without me doing or saying/thinking anything. They have car crashes, freezer run off with a whole months food in it, horrible mothers-in-law that drive them crazy, their friends commit suicide with their guns (that they threatened my hubby with), so this has become very strange to me. Please pray for me, and help turn the curses I have made into blessings and the curse on my family into a blessing, although I feel blessed every day.

What do YOU think?



  1. JustAGuy says:

    It takes time. Pray the Lord to bring things to your mind. You may be able to recall a certain percentage of curses up front and then pray the Lord to continue to bring to mind what needs to be renounced. He may do the rest over a period of years, if not months or days.

    The good news is that death AND LIFE are in the power of the tongue! Ask the Lord to use your tongue for good and life and begin to bless others.

    Blessings and Peace,

  2. JustAGuy says:

    Dear ES,

    We can break the power of our curses by acknowledging them before God. Confess each one as they come to mind. Our words put in motion Satan’s kingdom if we are cursing. Generally speaking, if our words line up with the devil’s will, in cursing, his kingdom acts on it – if our words line up with God’s will, God acts on it.

    Good is greater than evil… All the time! So, we can renounce our words and speak blessing over the lives of those we have cursed.

    A sample prayer would go like this: “Father in Heaven, I repent for cursing my neighbor. Please forgive me and deliver us from the power of the curse. I bless my neighbor (speak specifically if you need to address specific areas you have cursed them in)and ask that the power of my words be broken once and for all against them, in Jesus’ name.”

    Then you can take the authority you have over Satan’s kingdom in this: “In Jesus’ name, I cancel the power of the words I have spoken against my neighbor. I cancel every assignment that has been put in motion against my neighbor because of my curses. I bless my neighbor in Jesus’ name.”

    I hope that helps!

    Blessings and Peace,

    • Thank you for the help and guidance. I will do it, but I might be busy for a while trying to remember everything I said.

    • Thank you for the help and guidance. I will do it, but I might be busy for a while trying to remember everything I said.

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