Hello….Anyone Willing to Go and Reach Muslims for Christ?

I am sending out this mission request for anyone who would be willing to go with me to reach the Muslims outside the US. I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ has placed within in me a heart for the Muslim people. If anyone else has this desire then, Lord willing, we can go and reach out to these lost souls. The harvest is great in the Muslim countries. Christian organizations such as GEM (Greater Europe Mission) are playing a huge role, but more people need to be sent. My prayer is that Christ might send me and others to help in this fight to reach the lost. The horn has been announced, the mission is clear, and the path as been set to fulfill the Great Commission declared by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Below, is the mission criteria that I have in mind….

I believe that the Muslim countries that need Christ the most are in Africa and other like places. We will need to discuss and organize the best ways to reach them. Outreach can be had if we plan correctly and have the right tools. I am hoping to accomplish this mission during the summer months and plan on coming back to the States before the end of August. Travel visas, passports, plane tickets and such like will need to be in order. We still have time to get this necessities accomplished. I have will probably have about 6000 dollars, at the end of May, to contribute and I am willing to throw it all and everything else into the collective financial pool.

With that being said, I would ask you to pray and fast about this and see if Christ is leading you to answer this mission call. Thank you for your time and God bless.

If you so desire, you can reach me outside this discussion at [email protected]

P.S. There is another mission that I have to accomplish before the summer and that is to reach some people in Colorado. The Lord has spoken to me, in my heart, that I can’t do this alone and I am asking for someone to go with me to Colorado and accomplish this outreach mission. The mission is passing out Christian pamphlets at local Christian organizations, street reaching, etc. We could do this mission and then fly out and reach the Muslims in the summer.

What do YOU think?



  1. Bikelite says:

    My Son Justin may want to come If you need 8 points of death. To come with you He is going back Thailand in late 2011 for more training in the art of Muay Thai.. but will be back in early 2012 only 18 and he good at what he does and He is a Christian… No man will stand against him… other then a gun…. Trained by a british boxer and a Thai kicker.. but He is going back for some more time in Thailand! Very young Yes but very good ! maybe thats why God gave him these skills! And the nicest kid you will ever meet , not a mean bone in his body but when the job needs to be done look out! Justin Doubosiff you can find him on y tube…

    • Timothy Luke says:

      Bikelite, How does your son's training incorporate the humility and self sacrifice of "turn the other cheek,"? How does it reflect the words of Jesus, " Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence."  ?

      There is but one point of death worth knowing… Death to self, and the sin that dwells within.  God gives us the skill and grace to keep His commands to love those who hate you, pray for those who despitefully use you and persecute you. God gives us the grace to be counted, as was our Savior who set the example, as sheep to the slaughter.


      May I recommend reading "Tortured for Christ" by Richard Wurmbrand? It shows the art of dying while saying, 'forgive them, they know not what they do…."


      I realize there are many who teach self-defense in the name of Christianity. You are better versed on it than i, so would you please share the Biblical reasoning behind self-defense?




      PS – Here is a snippet from a website devoted to this "art".



      The role of the art of the Wai Khru ritual:

      'For those who have studied or have trained in the art of Muaythai, many are quite confused and many have asked why do we have to do the Wai Khru ritual? Is it for beauty, entertainment, commemoration or exercise?

      "Hence, the Wai Khru and its music is to worship all the gods, especially the god Pra Isuan, the creator and the ruler of the universe.

      "It is then appropriate for Muaythai Boxers to invite and accept the holy spirits into their bodies and minds."


      One final question… who said this…. (Jeopardy clock please…. )


      "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."?

      • Beloved says:

        “Jeopardy clock”……….Tim,I appreciate your dry wit! That made me literally LOL 🙂
        Also wanted to chime in and second your recommendation of the book”Tortured for Christ”. I recently received a free copy from VOTM.It really challenged my convictions,and made me think! Brother Wurmbrand is a refreshing champion of living out the Christian life.


  2. L.K.N.R. says:

    Here I thought we were ment to… Post an introduction as to who we are. Though I guess you are doing that in a roundabout way. It wasn’t really expected.

    Now I’m not really a Christian, so perhaps I’m a minority here but I feel that all religions are best left to the individual to freely choose for themselves. If you are a Christian then by all means be a Christian. Celebrate it, shout it to the heavens. If you are a Muslim do the same for there is no shame in being who you are.

    I myself come from a mixed family. In saying so, there is about 6-7 different religions practiced in my family. Some Christian others… Not so much.

    My point friend, is that each individual is devoted to their beliefs as much as you are to yours. There are exceptions of course. Some are less devoted and some are more. 🙂 I find trying to convert others.. Is a fruitless endeavor and there is less conflict in embracing those differences than trying to abolish them.

    Relationships are founded upon acceptance. and no matter how hard you try there is always going to be some one who thinks differently and who believes differently. There are no rights or wrongs just a different aspect/ view to whole. These variations of thought are what creates clarity. Arguments are a pathway to solution and progress and every thought adds a new aspect/ dimension to an entirety that is never seen wholly by any single individual.

    Conflict creates purpose… But is that purpose beneficial to the whole? In proving one religion that what they believe is false you make an entire nation lose hope. With hope gone how could they ever find enough faith to accept another that might be wrong?

    It is the variation and differences in belief and thought that makes life thrive.
    Instead of worrying what others believe. work instead of enhancing your own beliefs and making them appeal more to others who choose to believe in them.

    Ideals pushed onto others become shackles. It is why I abandoned Christianity to more earthly persuites. I met to many pushers of the faith and thus grew intolerant of it and eventually the faith fell all together.

    Brings up the point why am I here. Eh 🙂 simple curiosity. I was looking at a forum page that showed up on a search and I felt an urge to reply. I just need to hunt for it again.

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