Hello to you all and thank you for letting me introducing myself!

This is James and I am a new comer here. I just signed this up like a day or so. I think this site is very cool. There are many good teachings in this site. I really appreciate the owner who puts all the work here and that may God be glorified through this. I know there are many things yet to be learned, but I am sure this place will definitely help out and enlightened those whom God draws to know more about the Truth.

Well, by the grace of God I have a testimony but i am just gonna provide the short version.
I was raised Catholic and was really religious until 15 or so when I finally realized that the church couldn’t save me but through faith in Christ. So I forsake the church and trusted in God instead. However, things still don’t really change that much. I was trying to seek God through my own effort when I was a baby Christian. I tried hard to read the bible and pray and go to church, but there was still some kind of emptiness in me like chasing the wind. I felt that from my heart I was living a life without a purpose even though I was trying to live a purpose of life for God. After a few years, I was told that I should be baptized. So before baptism, I did some research on the subject of baptism. What I found was that there were many views about baptism and each view uses scripture to back up. At that time, I was so confused because they all claim what they hold on the subject of baptism as the truth and the opposing view as false. I didn’t know which one I should believe since they all claim to be the truth and had scriptures backing up. Because of such great confusion and not knowing what I should do with baptism and all that, I cried and broke into tears. I was so broke at that time that I didn’t know what to do. My heart was really broke and I prayed to God and told Him that I would not believe in all that “truth” even though there might be the real truth among them. I felt so confused so i didn’t want to believe in all that “truth” but instead I told God that I am going to believe in “YOU” (God) instead. I told God that I am not going to believe in the “truth about God” that man preach but in God Himself because of such confusion making me not to trust in the truth about God but in God PERSONALLY. After the prayer and the tears, I felt being comforted and somehow I started to develop a strong desire for God. My perspective had changed a little bit because I started to discard my trust in the truth about God instead I put my trust in God Himself. I didn’t care what man says about God even though what it was said might be the truth, instead I only cared about God Himself and put those as secondary. This strong desire for God made me started to think about God all day and I started making up some songs praising God. I felt different and it seems that I didn’t experience that strong desire for God since I turned to Christ at 15. So after a few weeks, I was baptized. I shared my testimony and after that I was “dumped” under the hot tub since it was cold out in the Thanksgiving week in November. Once I was raised up from the water, I had a very strong feeling that cannot be explained. All I wanted was to cry out in tears but since I was all wet so the coldness from the wet contacting the cold air stopped me and i was shivering. After that I got changed and I didn’t really pay attention to my being because I was happy and satisfied. Then when I left I was picked up by someone who was there. So at that time while sitting at the car, I started thinking about myself and started to realize something different in my heart. I felt that the emptiness within me was not there anymore! I felt there was something heavy like a stone or wall that builds around my heart which makes me stop chasing after something. I tried explaining that it is also like a certain calmness that stays forever. I also felt a form of happiness that is kinda different that the happiness I had in normal day life. Later, I started remembering what the Bible said about the Holy Spirit and I came to know that this is the peace and joy from the Holy Spirit and I could feel the presence of Holy Spirit. After the baptism, when I read the Bible, I felt so different because i felt it speaks to me like a person rather than just reading a text. Those were just some of the good things that I experienced from God. There were also some other good things from God that I experienced.
Other than this, God also gave me a gift after the baptism!!! This gift is some kind of revelation teaching in the form of writing. I know for sure that God wants me to use this gift because He spoke to me one time when I was asking Him what that supernatural gift was all about. It’s good that the owner of this site allows users to post blogs so I can post them. I hope and wish that the writings that I am going to post can help each other grow and at the end bring glory to God. Right now I had only posted one but there will be more.
Anyway, praise God for His goodness, mercy and grace!!
God bless and thanks!


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