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Hello my name is Brian. I’m fairly new here and haven’t posted yet. I was raised a Southern Baptist and was saved in my childhood. A couple of months ago the Lord sent me a message. After 40 years and attempting to find out how “life starts at 40”, God sent me a warning, and my sins were revealed one after another almost daily and even hourly some days. I have spent days and hours falling to my knees praying for forgiveness and direction. I was so upset I could barely function. I kept praying and seeking him. I surrounded myself with God and Christianity. Many of my prayers were answered in short order. I know God listens to me, and he speaks to me.

Today I am feeling full of life and apprehension as well. I think the Lord is calling on me again to go far further than repenting. I have committed myself to the church for work and helping others. I know I have long journey ahead and feel more is coming as if God is saying something to me but currently I’m not sure what. I’m leaving it in his hands and keeping my eyes and ears open for his direction.

If you have had a similar experience please share with me.

Thank you for your time

What do YOU think?



  1. michael says:

    It sounds like the Lord is really leading you and preparing you. I hope you will keep coming back here and posting with what the Lord is teaching you.

    God bless,


  2. Brian,

    I’m also relatively new to this board. It’s pretty slow as far as postings but I do check on it periodically.

    Repentance is just the first step in a long marathon of a race. The race never ends. The Lord once told me to immerse myself in his word which I did for a couple of years and much study, he then said it’s not all about my word, it’s about serving, which I did. The journey continues, as I move to higher levels more obstacles are laid in my paths. I now know that I must strive to complete surrender, something that I fall terribly short of.

    My walk in sanctification continues but it doesn’t get any easier but I accept the challenge.

    Peace and blessings in your walk,


    Stand firm in the fire.

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