hello there

im kathleen and i hope to have new friends here. im 18 years old and christianity was introduced to me in 2005..

ive been joining some christian sites to find fellow christians to talk about God..but i am currently in uae, and my friends are in my own country,i guess they are quite busy people so i have no one here to talk to about my spiritual life..most of my friends and my family are open minded people but i don’t know if they take me seriously..or i could say that they find it quite uninteresting..so there are still awkward moments..

i havent gone to any church since ive been here but this week im looking forward to joining a christian service with my family..it would be the first time after so many years that we would be together but in christian services..i pray that God would make them feel what I have been experiencing since i surrended to Him and accepted Christ in my heart, allowing Him to control my life..

can we be friends?..i only have a small group of friends in my whole life so i want to have more especially christians..^_^

and thank you for reading this =)

All praises to the our Lord!
God bless us..

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