Hello from Sheffield in the UK

Hi, I have just started posting to this forum. I see that the majority of you believe in the lord jesus and like to quote lots of verse. I still have so much to learn and I hope to be able to drop by regularly, absorb and comment.

What do YOU think?



  1. warrior daughter says:

    I think you are a runner….Someone running from the Lord…..The clue was in your post
    You called Jesus, Lord Jesus………..You cannot run or hide from God….You are in His thoughts constantly……….

  2. You are welcome to comment and I do hope you learn something good and true. But do please remember this IS a Christian forum. I just noticed your other post.

    Our faith is based on the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. This event is pivotal to Christianity, since plenty of people claimed to be the Messiah in those days, and also, plenty of people were put to death on crosses.

    Jesus of Nazareth showed he was different by his sinless life, his divine authority shown through miracles, and chiefly by the fact that he was able to leave the tomb after being convincingly crucified and eat a piece of fish with his disciples on more than one occasion, something a hallucination or a ghost has never managed to do.

    Today people have life changing encounters with this Jesus, and have prayers answered too. If you want to challenge Jesus or spread doubt about him, be careful. He does not need us to defend Him.

    • I’d prefer it if he didn’t. I’m an atheist.

      • You are an atheist, are you? What attracted you to come to this forum?

        • Hi Michael

          I have been to a few but I tend to get banned for challenging the status quo. I lasted about seven seconds on the rapture forum. As I said to Jim, I find religion fascinating. I know the most about christianity as I was brought up in the faith and I am unable to reconcile that people choose to believe in light of all the evidence to the contrary.

          This forum helps me to get a handle on just how religious some people can be. Take the homosexuality stuff. I have two daughters who are lesbian. If I were of your beliefs, I am sure I would be doing a lot of preying but it doesn’t matter and hey, no teenage pregnancies to worry about and no sullen young males with too much libido hanging around my front door.

          I haven’t found anything in the rules that says I can’t be here and I will try to be civil.

          • Timothy Luke says:

            The rules can be amended at any time my friend! 😉

            Your daughters are missing out on a lot by not being able to have stable healthy marriages. You will also have no grandchildren and no heritage in the earth and they will have no one to look after them in their old age, except a bankrupted government system that is now leaning toward euthenasia. No worries!

            I’ll leave you all to your enlightenment as I go eat with my family of four children and beautiful wife whom the Lord divinely delivered from barrenness after 15 years of marriage….

          • I have me a son who I am hoping will deliver grand children. Anyway the daughters may well decide to have children by the turkey baster method.

            The care of the elderly is becoming a major issue, I agree. Having children is no guarantee of care. As for euthenasia, surely heaven is a beter place. We get the governments we deserve. God knows how you guys could vote the antichrist Bush in for a second term.

            I am pleased for you and your children but please don’t bring them up to be as deluded as you are.

          • Timothy Luke says:

            And who makes you the authority on delusion? I see you can’t hold a reasoned debate very well. It must be much easier to throw spiritual bombshells in Christian forums and laugh when people become rattled. I won’t rattle.

            You on the other hand would curse your grandchildren to a life without a father? Look at the stats man, its a FAILED idea and a ton of pain and hurt comes from it. It looks to me like you have some relational issues and cannot see the pain you must have passed to your daughters who are so put off by the male figure you must have modeled for them, that they cannot think of living with someone like their mom did. Or, perhaps you left their mother alone to bring them up and they despise the thought of committing to someone who will cut and run and leave them in so much pain and emotional torment.

            If you are going to bring this discussion to a personal level like you did, you have to see it through, or get out of it. How far do you wish to go on this track???

            Now, do you wish to keep the discussion on issues or should we question each other’s ability to rear healthy happy children?

          • Lets make it personal. My ex-wife was a psycho and I did not know how to deal with her. I wonder how the abuse they suffered from her impacted on their development. I ended up going to court to get all three children living with me. I can’t believe that I had children with someone so evil. I must have made some bad decisions in trying to be both parents to my children and there have been many problems but I don’t give up.

            Anyway, I let the mother in law take the girls to church. I didn’t intervene in the religious input at their school and I didn’t spout my opinions until they asked. No indoctrination from me. I let them find their own way to atheism.

            I hope your children are happy for most of the time. I just hope you haven’t stifled their ability to think for themselves.

            As for life without a father, my wife’s father messed her head up completely. We know what the ideal family should look like but finding and keeping it is becoming increasingly dificult in these wanton times.

          • Timothy Luke says:

            Thank you Yiggoto, I really appreciate a conversation grounded in you sharing without accusing. I am sorry your marriage went bust. My children are very happy, thank you for the well wishes. I am sorry yours had to endure hardship. It is my understanding that the churches in England are steeped in tradition – which is what Jesus warned against. It is ironic that the religious leaders are the ones who killed their own God in the flesh.

            I think you can see that I think. Wasn’t it Francis Bacon who said, “I think, therefore I am, I think…” I always add the last two words to spice that one up. The ideal father is found in following scripture, not the doctrines of men (“christian” or otherwise). Our children are very bright, alert, and deep thinkers.

            Is it possible that you have been so in touch with Christians who did not and do not live out the commandments of Jesus to love, that you associate all Christians with their dysfunction? You and I have shared some very pointed words. I admire your ability to pull the conversation back to civility. Thank you.

            “Father in heaven, Yiggoto doesn’t believe in you yet, but I pray one day he might and that he might come to know the peace of Jesus Christ and have the personal relationship with him that you desire. You love Yigotto and you paid a high price to redeem him from the pain and dysfunction of sin. Please forgive him for some of the things he has said, he does not know the reality of who you are and your vast mercy. In Jesus name I and fellow believers pray, amen.”

          • Bro Tim ,

            I dont think you should waste you time trying to counsel a crack-pot ,
            who is trying to irritate you.
            He has no right to turn this site into a war zone.
            Just block him off ,….and continue ministering those with a more contrite


          • Timothy Luke says:

            Thanks brother Vijay for your concern. It is true that we may be erring on the side of generosity, but that is the side I choose to err on at times. Yigotto is a person who has come here in need of the Lord, whether or not he realizes it. It would take a simple key stroke to block out all his messages and not have to take precious time to address them. In another keystroke, he could be banned as well and there would be no threat of further disruption.

            There was a time Jesus and the disciples were passing through an area at evening. The inhabitants refused to grant them shelter. James and John suggested that Jesus call fire down from heaven to destroy them. A simple keystroke, if you will. Jesus told them, “I am not come to destroy, but to save.” Michael and I are aware of how much easier it would be in our flesh to purge the site. At the same time, it is our hope for this man’s life that has withheld our tempers and our actions. Our words have been sharp, but it is in hopes that the bluntness of our confrontation would bring an awakening that could not happen otherwise. We are aware that ‘the keystroke” also cuts off all hope.

            Please be in prayer for our brother.

          • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Do you have any pictures? I’ll send you some of my wife.

          • Timothy Luke says:

            Look at Our Story and you will see a photo of my family from last year!

          • lookinforacity says:


            I know what you say you think you mean, but you need to understand that it is not within the nature of the spirit that controls you to be civil, especially to Christians, and about Jesus Christ.
            To make the point, you say.

            “I am unable to reconcile that people choose to believe in light of all the evidence to the contrary.”
            “This forum helps me to get a handle on just how religious some people can be”

            You came into this site and posted hate, anger. that was not very civil was it?
            That’s why I say, you personally may want something, but as long as that spirit is controlling you, you have no say in the matter.

            So I say again
            God grant unto this person a free mind, and spirit in order to see the truth, let him know the love that you have expressed for him in the death of your son Jesus for His Salvation and well being. Grant unto him a respite from the clutches of Satan, open his heart to your truth. Through Jesus Christ

          • Just explain to me why god can’t whip satan please. As for god giving me a free mind, that is something that you will never have. That makes me a better person than you.

          • Read the gospels some time. You will notice that Jesus never found a demon He could not cast out, or a temptation He could not resist.

            Jesus even defeated death. He could not be held by death. So Jesus won a victory, and it is a sign of things to come.

            Its not a question of power, but of God’s ways, which are not the same as ours.

            If Christians had been obeying God consistently, the devil’s kingdom would have ended on the earth a long time ago. Jesus told us to go in his name and destroy the works of the devil.

            For some reason God has delegated authority over the affairs on earth to men. Whenever men choose to listen to evil spirits, they gain effective control in the situation.

            But when people choose to hear and obey God, and pray, and obey God’s orders, the devil’s works are rolled back.

            One day Jesus will throw the devil into the Lake of Fire. But ONLY after we have preached the gospel to all people. One reason this website exists is to encourage Christians to actually do that.

          • Tell me honestly, do you ever violate your own moral principles? Do you ever say something you regret you said? If not, why not? How free are you if you don’t always do what you believe you should do.

          • Yigotto, you say you are a “better person”. By whose standard are you better? Your own? Isn’t that just a question of personal taste, then? How do you decide on standards for any kind of judgment about anything? By what you feel? By the “vibe” of it?

          • jesseedavis says:

            I am unable to reconcile that people choose to believe in light of all the evidence to the contrary.

            Yiggoto, if I had the resources and it were possible with plans and such, I would definitely take you across the world to show you just what you either don’t know about or refuse to believe is truly out there. I would gladly take you to the Middle East and show you where the Exodus crossing happened, where it really happened, and the evidence that is buried beneath 100’s of feet of water on an underwater bridge. I would take you to the real Mt. Sinai and show you the different inscriptions on the stones of that mountain. I would love to take you to various sites and, if it were possible, use the equipment needed to show you the evidence supporting the flood. I could show you millions of sites with the Holy Spirit’s leading, placing the claims of Scripture in your very hands and before your very eyes. Putting you in the very situation that you reject is truly out there. I suppose that even if someone was to rise from the dead you would still not believe, so even if it were possible to do all of this, there is nothing short of a miracle within your very heart that could prove to you God’s reality and existence.

            Luke 16:27-31
            27Then he said, I pray thee therefore, father, that thou wouldest send him to my father’s house:
            28For I have five brethren; that he may testify unto them, lest they also come into this place of torment.
            29Abraham saith unto him, They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them.
            30And he said, Nay, father Abraham: but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent.
            31And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.

      • lookinforacity says:


        Within the course of 1 hr. you have managed to be nothing but offensive.
        I personally do not appreciate you coming into my house and speaking this hatred.
        Believe what you want, but go peddle it somewhere else.
        You only want an argument, we have seen children like you before, you are not unique.
        May God open your eyes and use you in a mighty way, as He did with Paul.
        Jesus died for your sins, even the ones you are committing right here right now. He still Loves you


        • Hi Jim

          I think we are going to have to agree to differ on this one. I am sure you can find a way to deal with beliefs and values that are not identical to yours. If this forum is just about getting off on the divinity of Jesus, I am sure someone will pull the plug on me and my views sooner rather than later.

          Of course I want an arguement. I am fascinated by religion. I have been for the last 30 odd years. I want to challenge your views and ask you to consider alternatives. Is that too threatening?

          In my humble opinion, Paul has ot much to answer for, particularly in the way that women are percieved by the church.

          Thanks for allowing me to ‘believe what I want’. How could anyone do anything else? We all have beliefs but sometimes they become so necessary that we become weighed down by them and are unable to adapt or modify them.

          • lookinforacity says:

            What has always fascinated me is, how someone can be speaking out of their own mouth, and not know, understand, or comprehend what it is they are saying
            Because of the Spirit that has such a control of them, they aren’t even allowed to speak.
            So I guess I will just have to ask the spirit then.
            Why don’t you let this person speak?
            Spirit of Antichrist, who else is there with you, how much control do you have?
            No we aren’t going to have a dialog. Because you are a liar, as your father is a liar

            Lord God deliver this tormented soul from the grip of Satan, in Jesus name!

          • My name is Lucifer. Please take my hand. Seriously, chill a little. The only spirit I know has jack Danilels on the label. People like you scare me. You are so convinced that you are right and you take everything so literally. Get help. Find another way before it is too late.

          • Timothy Luke says:

            Hey, Luke is a derivation of Lucifer. Lucifer is a very good name. That is why it was taken from him when he became corrupt in his ways.

            Now we would do well to not be addressing spirits openly as it is akin to speaking in tongues amidst unbelievers. It becomes an offense and undermines the discussion with no remedy.

            Let’s stick to the issues brought forth. I am convinced that cars should stop when they come to a red light. You could say I am absolutely convinced of it. That is scary! Being convinced of something is not the issue. The issue is, is what a person is convinced of truth or error? Is it malevolent or benevolent? Good as defined by the author of goodness, or is it phony, leading to destruction.

          • hi

            i’m new on the site and this is the first discussian i came across. sorry, couln’t help leaving a comment.
            Yigotto, Jesus loves you. what He was feeling and suffering on the cross is hard to imagine. and l, even at that moment His words about His crucifiers were ‘Father, forgive them’. who of people could do that? His love is unlimited and impossible to comprehend with our human brain. when people, don’t understand us, reject us and hurt us, what is our natural reaction? forgive and keep loving?
            He knows your every thought and doubt, all the good and bad things about you, and still He loves you.

            from my experience, He is the only one who can give answers to all your questions, even to those, which you fear to ask yourself.
            and what i also learnt in these 12 years , since i let Jesus into my heart, is that everything is very simple. and when it’s simlpe, it feels so good :). simplicity of heart, that’s what i want more and more. don’t know if i’ve put it into right words, but it was from my heart : )

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