Hello from Dallas,Texas

I have already been posting,but failed to introduce myself. Like the subject line says I’m from Dallas.I am female. Safety unfortunately dictates that I leave the personal info to that! I found this site by surfing around, I think I was looking up spiritual warfare. Anyway,I guess you could say that my theological bent is on the goodness,mercy,and unearned grace of God. Years ago He took a broken,addicted and hurt girl and loved her free and healed! ” He’s taken me from the miry clay,set my feet upon the Rock!”
I enjoy hearing different points of view,(so long as they are in step with the word) I think it is wise to have a multitude of counselors!
Look forward to hearing from, and posting to you all.( or in my case, ya’ll)

What do YOU think?



  1. You see beloved I have lived a very ”not God honouring life as well”‘ and understand now that Jesus took our shame and guilt .We are not supposed to walk around with shame and guilt .And learnt that no matter what type of testimony it is,that it helps a lot of people.Just pray to God and ask him to give you the right words in order for you to give a clear testimony.

  2. misslady says:

    hello beloved and welcome to the site. i am new and my name is misslady. i live in oklahoma and i too have been in your shoes as far as addictions go. but praise his name, in 09 he cleaned me up, loved me back, and set me on my feet again!! i am now drug/alcohol free, living for him, and grateful for his tender mercies. he is such an awesome god is he not? since i am new to this site, i hope you receive this as i am not familiar with the manuevers, and navigations thru this site yet. i am glad i found this site because sometimes i like to talk and hear of the things of my jesus. he is the best thing going, and there is nothing that satan can offer me anymore. anyway, god bless-misslady

    • Hi neighbor! I don’t know how this reply got past me,but it did. It is a little late,but I wanted to acknowledge you! And say Yes!!! What an awesome God we serve! He is in the restoration business to be sure! Anyway, I do hope to see you on the board some time!
      Grace and Mercy be yours through God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ!

  3. Its always wonderful to hear of someone who has been transformed by the mercy and love of God!

    Hope you can share more of your story for readers here, even if you must keep your identity private.

  4. Joshuagm1991 says:

    Nice to have another person around. Welcome.

    Timt – What a weird coincidence. I live in Tulsa Oklahoma.

  5. I am on this web sight almost 7 days a week so if you ever want to you can read about me or just go to my web sight either way.I am so happy you found this web sight because people on here are real and sometimes people like to post comments that dont know the word very well so many will try to guide them in the right direction.See I have been saved for 20 years now and I love seeing getting excitted about what the word of God says.I live in Tulsa,Ok so we all love Texas.I was a former Satanist,sex addict,meth addict,psychic and I had all kinds of emotional and mental problems but than Christ entered my life and has restored my life and my mind.So have a blessed night and MERRY CHRISTMAS…………….Your friend from http://exposingthedarkness.com/ Tim Thompson

    • Thanks so much! Tim and Joshua!!! I went to your web-site!(Tim) Love the art! I too was in a meth lifestyle. I swear that stuff was first cooked up in hell. I see you and Joshua on here all the time. I try and browse at least once a day.It is neat that both of you live in Tulsa,I lived in Stillwater for a year (years ago!!!!!) My parents were working at the university there.Beautiful country.Anyway just wanted to say thanks for the welcome. Hope your Christmas was the best, I hope the new year is your best too! I have a good feeling about 2011!
      Kristin G.

      p.s. I’m sure we will talk(type) again! I like reading yalls post too!

      • Joshuagm1991 says:

        Ha! I couldn’t help but laugh: “I swear that stuff was first cooked up in hell”.

        Hmm, not sure if I’ve ever been to Stillwater. I really don’t like it here all that much, but I am blessed and happy.

        Thank you for the love, I hope your Christmas and New years was the best too.

        In love and Yeshua,

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