Hello from a God fearing Born again Christian :)

I live on the MS. Gulf Coast in the United States. I give God all the glory for finding this site. I hope to learn more about God’s word I use the King James Study Bible.It is so frustrating that most of the people around me including the church’s don’t know what hour it is.I hope with the help of fellow members we can wake people up and bring more souls to Christ.I only joined Christian Faith late last night so I’m going to look around I am excited to find so much information available I am not sure where I should start. Any suggestions are welcome.

What do YOU think?



  1. Shalom ccgnell,

    Glory be to GOD always for HE is good all the time.

    Its wonderful to bring more souls to our LORD and its equally important to have people who can guide them as they are new babies who need to be fed with the words of GOD.

    I had seen many missionaries going around the world and some of them are trying to save souls. Some did but after a short period of time, these people go back to their previous beliefs.

    The problem lies is souls are being saved but no Shepherd to teach and guide them. Its like putting a person in a wonderful island and a bible. Then they are left there to survive by reading the bible. They do not know where to start and who to ask if they don’t understand the bible.

    Its the same as having a baby but no one teaches the kid. The kid is left all alone.

    Have your team of people, reap the harvest, shepherd and workers.


  2. Welcome to this site! I pray it will be helpful to you in your life with God and in the task of waking people up to the urgency of the hour we are in.

  3. oops! I wrote my comment in the subject line

    • iwantlife says:

      I hope my thoughts about Christ are welcome here be I am a baby Christian.

      • Shalom I want Life,

        Your thoughts about our LORD are most welcome and we can always learn together about HIM.

        Glory be to HIS name, the name above all names

        GOD BLESS

      • Timothy Luke says:

        Of course your thoughts are welcome here! The only time I personally have difficulty with thoughts is when people use them to belittle other people for their thoughts….  Such is not the case with you.

        Please, share your thoughts and your heart and any questions you may have as you come to know the Lord better….


        • Hi Timothy Luke,

          All of us have the freedom of choice and its up to us, how and what we do? Do we follow HIM or just idle or lost

          Its best to walk in HIS spirit for its safe.

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