Hello from Huck Finn

I’m am not a blogger type…  Frankly I have a hard time seeing millions offering relatively mundane “dialog” and “on-going”s as normal human behavior.

Though I kinda suspect it’s not unlike the art of “tagging” railroad cars and city walls..  One single individual attempting to yell to an unseen audience in a vast universe that “I EXIST DARN-IT!”


I am a Christian…

Jesus Christ is the ONE True and Living God.  100% God, 100% Man, and; After Suffering the Beatings, the Whippings and Cross for the very, very unworthy me,  Raised Himself from the Dead after 3 day’s in the Grave.  He is ALIVE RIGHT NOW! More real and true then even ourselves.

Jesus is My Lord – The only one I should bend my knee to and the only one I will acknowledge as My Lord, My God.

Jesus is My King – He is the King of Kings, the King of very selfish and willful me.  He Keeps me and sustains me.

He sent to me the Holy Spirit who now dwells with me and transforms me on a daily basis as a Promise to the Eternal Inheritance I will receive.

I am a Born Again Christian…


I offer this as token witness only – but I do know that there are very, very many people out in the world today who describe themselves as “Christian” and really are not.  Scripture tells us that we are to “test the Spirits”.  These are the day’s that we really should be doing just that; not only our own lives but other’s as well.


For the now this “blogger” is done.

What do YOU think?



  1. faithishearing says:

    Hi there!

    Wonderful introduction! I hope that you explore the site and that you receive the spiritual encouragement and refreshment from the posts here. 

    Please, don’t be afraid to blog, and often! I am sure that someone would be edified by your contributions. This site has a lot of visitors.

    Great to see you here! 🙂

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