heavenly note from above

On the morning after my Fathers death
right before waking up you know the time when you first open your eyes in the morning i was in the dark and became fearful and falling so slightly when all of a sudden I was standing inside my FAthers office everything was in color and the colors were vibriant and a note flew up in front of my eyes suspended in thin air i looked at the blank piece of paper and suddenly i could see words being written but without seeing a hand writing the words it read “I LOVE YOU ” as i read the very last word it suddenly disappeared. the word written were the most beautiful letters i have ever seen they were written perfectly.

I woke up and suddenly became joyful and filled with so much love that seemed to penetrate inside my soul it filled me with joy that i have never felt before nor ever will.

there is one thing that is very important and that is I never felt the love of my father and most of my life i longed for it.

In order to care for my father at home i had to give up my entire life in order to give him all the love,care,devotion,to him I in reality I lived and breathed him for 3 years it was ever so sweet i wouldn’t have missed this calling that god gave me to accomplish and i have to say that the presence of jesus was with me and guiding me through the entire process he never left my side and always provided me with strength when i thought i could not go any further.

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