Hearing voices

Hello all,

I have been hearing voices which i believe to be demons for nearly 5 months now. I was leading an immoral lifestyle which is what i believe gave them the right to cunningly try to destroy me.

Thankfully, my family stepped in and took me in. As soon as i stopped using drugs and renounced all my worldy and sinful ways, the volume of the voices receded. It has been receding now and they are just audible, but are still able to cause me distress.

I know that through the power of our Almighty God and Saviour Jesus Christ i can find inner peace. When i read the bible i hear the voices less but its been hard for me to give my heart entirely to God. I know it will be a journey as it will take me time to heal and learn about God and become one of his faithful followers.

I have a query though regarding the voices. I have recently been having my own negative self talk. Could they be trying to deceive me into thinking i have a mental disorder or is it some of my own voices critisising me? (Most of it is in third person e.g. shes doing it right…) Are they allowed or capable to deceive me even to that extent?
Thank you for allowing me to share and any replies would be much appreciated.

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