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Hello all,

I have been hearing voices which i believe to be demons for nearly 5 months now. I was leading an immoral lifestyle which is what i believe gave them the right to cunningly try to destroy me.

Thankfully, my family stepped in and took me in. As soon as i stopped using drugs and renounced all my worldy and sinful ways, the volume of the voices receded. It has been receding now and they are just audible, but are still able to cause me distress.

I know that through the power of our Almighty God and Saviour Jesus Christ i can find inner peace. When i read the bible i hear the voices less but its been hard for me to give my heart entirely to God. I know it will be a journey as it will take me time to heal and learn about God and become one of his faithful followers.

I have a query though regarding the voices. I have recently been having my own negative self talk. Could they be trying to deceive me into thinking i have a mental disorder or is it some of my own voices critisising me? (Most of it is in third person e.g. shes doing it right…) Are they allowed or capable to deceive me even to that extent?
Thank you for allowing me to share and any replies would be much appreciated.

What do YOU think?



  1. Amanda Mbata says:

    Amen , this really encouraged me.

  2. They can pretend to be you in so many different ways.. when you are thinking., they will sneak a thought usually to make you feel guilty or do things you did in the past.

  3. I talked with you last night about this spiritual thing I went through and I would just like to say that I really don’t know what was ture or stuff that I had made up,But I do know that my heavnly father has brought this a end its not like I don’t still have problems but now I pray or rebuck it away and just talk with my father.when I go back and think about these things though it brings pain and hurt.Idont really think that I beleaved that there was powers and prinsapalates I think that I thought all bad had to come from man thank for hearing me Terry

  4. I have heard both good and bad voices going back to childhood and they seem to be more prevalent when I am alone(which has been often over the last 30 years) . I had always assumed that everyone heard them and am still unsure whether they do or not because most people would be afraid to admit such a thing and possibly become labeled ‘mentally ill’ for the rest of their lives. Due to my experiences I was taken to a psychiatric hospital at the age of 17 and quickly given a diagnoses along with medications that over the years have damaged my life in a variety of ways. I was unfortunate not to have a parent or anyone else in our family that was able/willing to aid me from falling into the trap of the mental health system. But for as long as I can remember I have believed in God and heard him speak to me. His voice was stronger when I was a child and it was only later that the evil(demonic) voices became more prevalent as I became blinded again and again and lost in my own sins.I am trying to surrender myself to Jesus and have been praying and reading scriptures more in that effort. I recently heard the song ‘Greater’ by Mercyme and it says: ” everyday I wrestle with the voices that tell me I’m not right..but that’s all right. Cause I hear a voice and HE calls me redeemed when others say I’ll never be enough. I really love that line and appreciate it greatly. But I wonder if my brother who wrote it told that to a psychiatrist whether or not they would diagnose him schizophrenic/schizoaffective or bipolar and put him on powerful ‘antipsychotic drugs’ or try to get him to go to a ‘psychiatric hospital’?

  5. I only recently found jesus myself and was a bad sinner the worst crime i ever did was sell my soul, Infact if you want you could read about it in the post below yours, I have heard demonic voices for almost 16 years, it got way worse when recently i thought i was protecting a friends family and her little children 2years, 6 years and 8 years old, I could not stand to see that family suffer anymore from the demonic influence her step daughter brought into their house, they could even hear faint fire crackling infront of their house at night it was very scary for them. I prayed to god to remove them from there and then said as a last resort would take them unto myself to rid the family of them. They jumped at the chance and were much more powerful than i expected and even more intelligent than my own. One of them fooled me into believing i was talking to christ himself, it openly weeped for my situation but said nothing could be done and i should reject him and god to ease my own suffering, weeping myself i said i could not do that as i would defy satan to the end, there is more than that to this particular demon but you get my main point. My suffering from these demons was enormous and only after i reached out to the good people of this site, have i found any peace from my rages and ways to combat them. Never lose faith michelle for jesus can forgive almost anyone that will accept him and god and is willing to repent their ways and change. God bless you michelle and i wish you all gods help with your own situation. So yes michelle they can and will try and fool you at every turn, realise that none of them are good even if they pretend to be at first, i have had them even try and influence me will in prayer as they know you are on the path to salvation and getting rid of them and they get desperate to try any trick to stay.

    • newlight says:

      I apologise michelle by writing my story on your page, by doing so I may have had you think your situation is less grave than mine, which it is not. We are all battling for our own souls, it took me a little while to come to this conclussion but i am sorry and i hope you can forgive me. I wish you the best of luck with your own demon’s and if you accept I would like to pray for you aswell. God bless you michelle and i hope the time you demon’s are gone is very soon.


  6. NHLANHLA says:

    Since Iv became born again from last year,iv been having a feeling that i need to train as a Pastor.my pastor told me that it does’nt require having a feeling for one to become a pastor,but rather a calling.iv been longing to hear a calling but nothing happens even if it has happened i would’nt have known it coz she did’nt explain to me how it comes.this feeling grows on a daily basis n im not sure why.please tell me if its silly of me 2have such a feeling,and how am i going to know when the calling comes.the other issui is that she thinks im to young for becoming a pastor since im 17 and doing my 1st year.i can’t stop feeling like im in a wrong place regarding the course im doing because i feel like i should be in a bible school.

    • alethesia dipsos says:

      I pray comfort is found in these words to you! Your statement,
      “this feeling grows on a daily basis n im not sure why.please tell me if its silly of me 2have such a feeling,and how am i going to know when the calling comes.the other issui is that she thinks im to young for becoming a pastor since im 17”
      It is never silly (in my opinion) to desire to serve God, nor to desire a calling! I commend your servants heart!!!
      Regarding “how” you know that you are receiving a calling of such magnitude- I don’t think anyone, save you, can answer that one. I think you WILL know. I think you will have peace of mind with a clear conscience. A strong desire to do so, I think, is a good start!
      Age –
      We all know the verse from Paul to Timothy,
      “Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity”
      1 Timothy 4:12
      I also do not think that the Holy Spirit is limited by age.
      It may be more challenging to gain respect from elders, being so young – but wisdom speaks louder than age. If you seek wisdom from God, when God grants it, it is obvious to all!
      God bless you!

  7. Hi,

    the Holy Spirit told me to tell you some information that will help you if you listen.

    These are evil spirits. Anytime, a person’s steps outside of God’s will, evil spirits have the legal right to enter their body. If you’ve masurbated, committed fornication, adultery, smoked drugs, you’ve left your body open to evil spirits. It’s equivalent to leaving your car keys in a 2010 Audi with a car door open on an express way. Someone is bound to hijack your car. Well, the devil is thief and he wants to hijack your body. What better way to influence than actually be in the control room.

    The evil spirits you speak of have a three-fold purpose: kill, steal, destroy. Jesus said, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly;John10:10” Right now, if you reading this, the evil spirits are trying to discern whether you are serious about God and if you are going to truly fight. They want to stay in your body but today, is the day of your salvation. God loves you and wants to set you free mental torment.

    Never again let anyone tell you evil spirits don’t exist, because you’ve experienced it first-hand. You must pray to God and ask him to deliver you, wash, sanitize, disinfect, scrub, clean, your insides and rid you of all unclean spirits. Plead to God The Father to saturate you with the blood of Jesus Christ. Find a good deliverance ministry (of course who are disciples of Jesus Christ) and go for prayer. Likely, you may have to go more than once BUT keep going despite how the demons react. REMEMBER, that’s their job but your job is to fight back.

  8. Thank you for your replies, this has really helped me. I’m so glad to know that someone else out there has gone through what i’am. I will read the Bible whole heartedly and keep my self humble, and pray for deliverance. Its such a relief to hear that they very possibly could deceive me as i haven’t had an opportunity to talk with anyone concerning this. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and your thoughts.

  9. Hello,my name is Tim.I was heavy in to racism,occultism,withcraft,Satanism and than I became a psychic.What you have experianced I did that at age 7,thats when I almost commited my first murder.Please realize that sense you could hear in to the spirit relm theres some thing special about you and God has a genuine purpose for your life.See Satan came to steal, kill,and destroy but God the loving father has big plans for your life but you must learn to walk in humilty and learn to be faithful to a body of believers.See for many years I was deeply involved in the demonic and I sold my self for meth,cocain and alcahol and one thing that I find so amazing is so many people would be locked up for hearing voices but I encouraged it because I could see and hear demons.Really get deep in the word,and meditate on 1 JOHN 3:8,see my life and my minestry have become so real and so blessed because of this scripture because for so I didnt know where I would ever fit in.I really pray that you would keep posting so we know how your doing because its a very intense holy war we are in and now that you have heard voices its far from being over so just stay humble and cling to the word of God.Be blessed Tim http://www.exposingthedarkness.com/index.html

  10. Joshuagm1991 says:

    Shalom Michelle,
    First to answer your question, Yes. In the gospel it talks about “dumb spirits”. They actually can cause mental illness, but I’m sure they can deceive people into thinking they are ill as well.
    There are some pretty good posts about deliverance on this website you should take a look at.
    Also a friend of mine has a website on deliverance exposingthedarkness.com.

    Hope this helps!

    In Yeshua with love,

    ps: Don’t forget to put on the full armor of God.

    • This happened to me before. Those same demons had my mind upside down. I was so disturbed in my mind and I was afraid to talk at times. There were times that I’ve cried because I was so tormented in my spirit. People thought I was losing it. I felt hopeless. But I have been delivered from those things because the Holy Spirit helped me. I know He will do the same for anybody going through the same thing I went through. Keeping on praying Michelle! The Lord hears you!

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