Healing questions?

I have been reading under Bible studies/Bible teachings regarding Healing and they talk to the person who is sick.
How does this all relate to a child who has not come to an age of accountability and may not yet understand?
I am trying to grow in my beliefs regarding healing.
I have strong faith regarding God’s promises on the subject of spiritual warfare.
I do not understand why this is so hard for me to just have faith on the subject of healing.
I do see there is a link between healing and spiritual warfare, but how can I tell if a medical problem is related to a fallen spirit?

What do YOU think?



  1. Evangelist-7 says:
  2. Wow Tim, you have some really interesting and informative things to say! Thanks!

    Jesus said John 14:12
    Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

    Greater than what Jesus did??

    The problem is, we have forgotten what true faith is, so very few see this happening nowdays. I mean the kind that will immediately straighten a crooked limb, cause the blind to see, raise the dead,….Believers were taught for so long that only the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church had power, that people began to depend on the Church, rather than on God. I’m not trying to slam the RCC at all. I’m merely saying that we lost the understanding of what true faith in God is. We have faith in Jesus as Savior, but do we have faith in Him for much else? Even other churches will say they can’t give to all who ask, because if they did they would go broke…even though Jesus said “Give, and it shall be given; shaken down, pressed together, and running over”. The churches aren’t having faith in what Jesus said about money, and they are teaching that same lack of faith by example to their congregations.

    Jesus didn’t require anyone to know Him or believe in Him before He healed them. It isn’t about the age of accountability, or the ability to understand. It’s about the one praying having the faith that God WILLS it. Faith is knowledge…**absolute**, **unwavering** **knowledge** that it is Gods will for something to happen. If one puts a “but” after saying “I believe”, or “I have faith”, then they are putting their “buts” in where they don’t belong ๐Ÿ™‚ “I believe what Jesus said, but I don’t know if”….well, we need to KNOW “if”! If God said it, He means it! God isn’t willing that any of His children be lame or blind or sick. OK, then what does that mean? He WILLS that the child be healed, we just need to have someone with the gift of healing pray over him/her.

    Not all have the gift of healing… 1Corinthians 12:9 To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit;

    People feel guilty that their faith “isn’t strong enough” for someone to be healed. It isn’t their faith that is the problem, it’s the faith of those whom the Holy Spirit would bestow the gift of healing on. So few and far between.

  3. apraxia-mom says:

    As far as parents and/or grand parents there doesn’t seam to be any involved in secret societies, but wouldn’t hurt to look into generational curses.
    As far as additions go, grand parents were smokers and there are some alcoholic additions in an aunt, cousin, other side had a great aunt and great uncle. Mom has had a problem with Mountain Due and is now only drinking tea, water and milk because of the door that could open. They are trying to take inventory of possible door, sin or strongholds that have not yet been dealt with.

    But as far as the child, she doesn’t yet talk so it’s sometimes hard to tell how much she understands especially when they talk to her about Jesus. She does initiate pray at meal times. She does understand directions such as go get something from you room.
    They just came across a herbal supplement that is based on ayurveda that is specifically designed for children with this speech disorder.
    They are very torn, since it shows promise BUT they don’t want to use something that would open a door. The ingredients are just herbs, but the company is clearly steep in ayurveda science.

    Again thank you for your time.

    • healed.restored says:

      I would say, as someone who has has much deliverence , that If your child is suffering because of spiritual oppression for whatever reason that seeking the Lord for the key is what you need to do. I know that may seem obvious but He will show you if you truly seek Him. knowing truth helps us to pray effectivly otherwise we are getting nowhere. This may be due to something you haven’t thought of but if you are a child of God He will surely show you. maybe fast and pray for answers. maybe it a “timing” thing and He will reveal in a specific time. either way He wants us to have peace about these things and we can’t sometimes unless we understand that He cares lots and wants to be involved in the situation. I pray you all come through mightily sister.

  4. Timothy Luke says:

    Hi, I am looking into it at present to see if there are any clues as to spiritual origin. I am embedding a video from Dr. Art Mathias. I have interviewed him for my radio program, “Straight to the Heart “. This is a two part interviewThe Power of Forgiveness The Power of Unforgiveness

    Art Mathias, Interview With Sid Roth from Wellspring on Vimeo.

    Let me say, I believe there are spiritual blocks to healing in place and spiritual roots to this, but I will refer you to Wellspring as they have much more experience than I do.

    Let me know how this goes, ok?


    • apraxia-mom says:

      Sorry, but I continue to be confused. The problem is with my child who is young and I do not think has come to an age of accountability with God.
      I can clearly see how emotional issues could cause medical problems and hinder healing, But how does this all relate to young children?
      I child God gave to a married couple who waited until they were older before having children. A child wanted and loved and looked at a gift from God.
      Maybe I’m missing something.

      • Timothy Luke says:

        Sorry, I missed the point and focused on something else. A child can still harbor unforgiveness and have an open door to something. A few months ago I lady I know, spoke to her adoptive 6 year old about forgiving her parents for putting her up for adoption. The girl forgave them and dealt with it and instantly the Lord healed her eyes and she no longer needed glasses. The next day her one crooked eye aligned itself!

        Accountability with God is different than vulnerability with Satan. We can read in the Old testament how if a young maiden binds herself to a curse, her father can loose her from it if he disavows it on the day he hears it…

        Does that help a bit more? The evidence of a curse has nothing to do with age of accountability with God, it has to do with an open door to the enemy. I hope this is helpful, sorry for the confusion on my end….


        PS – please feel free to explore this topic further.

      • Timothy Luke says:

        Young children can carry the sins of the fathers. In secret societies, for example, a man may bind himself to an oath and curse his children after him if he does not perform it. This makes them open to the devil who may afflict them coming out of the pact that was made. We see hereditary problems passed all the time. These are curses, but in our sophisticated society we do not dare call them that. A cocaine addict may have a “coke baby” who is born with the addiction.

        With sickness, a child may inherit a certain spiritual curse that would open them to an illness. We have hereditary dispositions to everything from cancer to you name it. There may have been an oath taken by the grandparents of this child for all I know. But these are the types of things to explore. Curses do not play fair. The sins of one do affect others. Or, perhaps this couple themselves had some involvement with something that opened them to this.

        Sometimes there are “toxic emotions” which are emotional strongholds the devil uses to bring curses into our lives. The parents may have a struggle with anger. Perhaps there was fear or rejection of the child in the womb. There are many possibilities that can be explored in trying to figure something like this out and the parents need to be engaged in the conversation to do that. Sometimes when we “wait” to have children, we have been rejecting God’s will to have children sooner. It is no wonder that problems arise when we seek to manage and control God’s blessing on our terms. This may or may not be a factor in this circumstance as well.

        There are so many ways the devil gets in there. There is only one way to get free, through Jesus Christ who redeemed us from the curse.

        “Father, I pray you would give discernment to this family, that they may know what you would have them do to be healed, in Jesus’ name. amen.”

  5. Timothy Luke says:

    Sometimes the spiritual root is obvious. Give a a medical problem and I will let you know if there is an obvious or recognized spiritual root behind it. We can go from there in the discussion. Thanks, Tim

    • apraxia-mom says:

      It is a problem in the brain and the nerve pathways from the Motor Cortex (the area where instructions are sent to the lips, tongue, jaw and vocal cords).
      This is a development problem rather than one caused from a stroke.
      Some think heavy metals and environmental toxins within the brain are part the cause of the problem.
      Most treatments other than therapy include change of diet (more inline with Old Testament laws) and supplements including essential fatty acids from fish oils and Vitamin B12. Other treatments include drugs or herbal treatment to remove the heavy metals.

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